What’s all the commotion in Crew Nursery?

Our new topic book is called ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, we have enjoyed reading the story and seeing if we can make different movements like the sea creatures in the book.

Our focus this week is rock pools, during morning crew we looked at different types of rocks and talked about how they look and feel.

In provision we explored how rocks change when they get wet, in the tough tray we played ‘I spy’ using magnifying glasses and in the playdough we created rockpool creatures.

We also has lots of fun recreating the ‘Punch and Judy’ puppet show we watched last week, the children did a great job of remembering all the different parts.

What a tasty Tuesday!

This morning in Crew Nursery we talked about different foods that we might take on a picnic, we all agreed that the most important part of a picnic are the sandwiches! 🥪

We then explored making sandwiches ourselves and enjoyed eating them in a Crew picnic at snack time.

Hook Week – We Found a Time Capsule!

Last week, Crew Nursery were given a letter and a treasure map from a child, Tom, who attended Carcroft School a long time ago! They followed the map to the forest school and found a time capsule! In the time capsule, Tom had put things inside to remind him of his family holiday to Cleethorpes. Crew Nursery loved exploring the objects and looking at Tom’s photographs! They are excited to learn about Tom and what seasides were like in the past!

EYFS Summer Expedition

This week, the children in EYFS started their new expedition! Their expedition title is ‘Early Years Explorers’ and their guiding question is ‘What happens where the sea meets the shore?’ 

As part of their expedition this term, the children will be completing three case studies and answering some questions as part of these case studies:

  • Case Study 1: Why is the seaside a special place? (Understanding the World: Past and Present) 
  • Case Study 2: What’s all the commotion at the ocean? (Understanding the World: The Natural World)
  • Case Study 3 : Where does your seaside adventure take you? (Expressive Arts and Design: Being Imaginative) 

Throughout the expedition, a range of texts will be used to inspire, shape and lead the children’s learning: 

  • Case Study 1: Lucy and Tom at the Seaside
  • Case Study 2: Commotion in the Ocean
  • Case Study 3 : Billy’s Bucket 

Over the course of the term, we will blog about what the children have learnt and experienced as part of their expedition on our individual crew pages. We will also upload photographs of the children’s learning and share their completed work on our expedition website. 

What a busy week in Crew Nursery! 🌻

This week we have been exploring Spring, we have made some chicks in the playdough 🐥, we have done beautiful daffodil art and used scissors to carefully cut leaves 🌿.

We have made the most of the lovely sunshine and spent lots of time outside playing in the water, making chalk pictures and playing with our friends – we even found a ladybird! 🐞

Spring is here!

Crew nursery have been looking for signs of spring this week! They have noticed that the weather is much warmer and that the sun is shining. The children have been discussing the animals, plants and insects that they might see in spring. They have planted their own sunflower seeds and they went on an exciting bug hunt! They found snails and ladybirds in Carcroft’s ‘Bugingham Palace’. The children used the play dough to create spring chicks and they used their building skills to design and make safe houses for chicks in the construction area.

Marvellous Monday!

What a busy morning in Crew Nursery! We have been working hard to make some super special surprises to bring home for the important people in our lives. We can’t wait for you to see what we have made.

I wonder what other fun things we will do this week?

World Book Day! 📚

What an amazing day in Crew Nursery! We have loved seeing all of your fantastic costumes, some of us even got to dress up twice!

We have had so much fun talking about our favourite stories, looking at different books and drawing pictures of ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

Perfect pancake makers and super sugar shakers!

Crew Nursery have made their own pancakes today! They talked about where the ingredients had come from and they explored them by touching and smelling them. The children watched the ingredients change as they were mixed together and observed safely as the ingredients were cooked in a hot pan.

The children chose their own sauces and toppings before eating their pancakes. Chocolate sauce with banana and a sprinkling of icing sugar was the crew’s favourite topping!

Crew Nursery = Star Bakers!