Yesterday, we spent some time trying to do some redrafting with our independent write. This is a skill we find quite tricky but we showed more perseverance then we have done previously. This is a skill we will continue to develop as we move through year 4 so we are ready for year 5.

Hansel and Gretel drama

In today’s experience lesson we read the last part of the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Once they had gone into the house they found out it was a nasty witch who owned it. The witch kept Hansel in a cage to fatten him up to eat and made Gretel do lots of horrible jobs. We loved acting out the different parts of the end of the story. Our favourite bit was when Gretel pushed the witch into the oven and they found all of her treasure so they were rich!

We had some great acting and super listening ears and magnet eyes in the audience!

A new writing unit in MI

Today we started to think about our next piece of writing, a monologue that will be used in our final product. Our experience lesson allowed us to think about what a monologue was and the features needed. We then unpicked an example together exploring all the features. One of these features were rhetorical questions. We explored these further in an extract and then changed a variety of statements into rhetorical questions. We really enjoyed doing this 🙂 We then looked at a variety of video clips on the Northern tiger cat, the endangered animal that our monologue will be based on. We chotted facts on the animals appearance, diet, habitat and why it is at threat. We will use these ideas when we come to write. We are all excited about our new writing unit.

A gingerbread house in the woods?

After reading the next part of Hansel and Gretel we learnt that Hansel and Gretel came across a gingerbread house in the middle of the woods. It had icing on it and lots of sweets. We created our own gingerbread houses in mini crews and had a competition to see who was the best voted by our parents. It was sticky work but we enjoyed eating it.

Independent writing in MI

Today children completed a piece of independent writing. They all wrote a character description on Audrey, one of the characters from The Lorax. They thought about Audrey’s appearance and personality. Children used their chotting sheets well to support them along with their target grids. Well done MI 🙂