Word Collecting

Today in Crew Welburn, we’ve had a focus on collecting adjectives for our writing. We are writing a description about our local area, so we took a walk to the park to listen to the sounds we could hear, and to describe what we could see. We wrote down loads of ideas and can’t wait to get writing tomorrow!

Research in Crew MI

Today we started to think about our next piece of writing, a monologue. We discussed what this was and looked at different examples, unpicking features. We then decided which animal we would base our monologue on then started researching facts on our animals appearance, diet, habitat and why it is classed as vulnerable. We are looking forward to continuing our research tomorrow!

Writing in Crew MI

Today we have continued to write our persuasive letters. Children are working so hard to ensure they are using their target grids to support their writing and we are really impressed with the quality of what they are producing. We should finish our letters tomorrow and are looking forward to reading them out loud to each other. Here are some examples…

LKS2 independent writing planning (7.3.22)📝

Today, LKS2 started planning their independent writing plot points, based on the book The Polar Bear Explorers Club. Today, we drew what we thought would happen in the plot point and then we acted it out. After completing that, we then looked through the different lenses to be able to jot down vocabulary ready to use in our independent writing. We can’t wait to write and read them!

Writing – knowledge building

This week, the children have watched some videos regarding deforestation, importance of trees and the impact on animals and plants. To say I was blown away by the crew work that happened during this session would be an understatement. All the crew gathered facts during the video and then consulted with each other to ensure they weren’t being repetitive with their facts. To see the children work so effortlessly as a crew was a pleasure.

Independent write ✔️📖

The past couple of weeks we have been narrating, critiquing and revising The Lorax. As we had finished this piece it was time to show off on Friday to our audience – year 3. It was motivating to have a purpose and the opportunity to share our work as Miss Mcloughlin reads lots of our work. We beamed with pride as we knocked on Crew Gerrard’s and Crew Flaherty’s door ready to show off our beautiful work. It was also lovely to see some year 3s reading their writing back too and giving kind critique 😀

Crew MI

Today we have started our next writing unit, a persuasive letter. We have unpicked a persuasive letter thinking about the features needed. We used coloured pencils to highlight emotive language, flattery, rhetorical questions, adverbials, facts/evidence and using the first person. We worked really hard in our pairs to support each other when reading the letter then finding the features together.

Crew Mcloughlin authors ✍🏼

During a critique session, Miss began by modelling how to critique a piece of Y6 writing. We then had confidence to help and work as a crew – this really helped us with how this would look when revising our own writing. 

We then focused on our peers’ independent plot point 1 writing. Using the gold and green standards, we assessed how well the writing met the criteria. We then up-levelled some sentences to try and improve cohesion and flow as well as Y6 quality. After we discussed praises, notices and wonders, we returned to our own writing and tried to improve the content and quality. We have loved narrating The Lorax and cannot wait to read it to our audience – Year 3 and 4.