School Uniform

The Governors and staff of Carcroft School recommend a school uniform and the children of Carcroft take pride in their uniform.

Winter Uniform – all year if wished

Sweatshirt/Jumper/Cardigan: Navy Blue

Polo Shirt with collar: White

Trousers: Navy/Black/Grey

Skirt/Dress: Navy/Black/Grey

Socks: Plain Black/Navy/White

Shoes: Black or all black trainers


Summer Uniform -optional in summer term


Shorts: Navy/Black/Grey


Dress: Blue and white checked/striped dress



Children may wear a watch and a small pair of earrings (studs) may be worn, parents must sign a consent form at the main office. For health and safety reasons we request that no other jewellery is worn in school.


Forest School and Kixx Kit

All children must have a change of clothing for Forest School and Kixx, including footwear.   Please note that children in Foundation Stage do lots of Physical Development outdoors every day, in our outdoor area as well as partake in Mini Kick sessions. Therefore they do not need PE kits until KS1.

The appropriate kit should be sent into school on a Monday and collected on a Friday so the children always have kit for indoor and outdoor available through the week.

Our kit suggestion would be as follows:

 Plain black or navy joggers/leggings (for girls as many are not wishing to wear shorts)

Plain black shorts to go underneath if your child prefers to wear shorts inside (they get too hot)

-Plain black or navy sweatshirt (for outside use)

-Plain white t-shirt (inside and outside use)

-Wellies (for Forest)

-Trainers (for PE)

Due to the nature of the activities, your child’s kit might get a little bit grubby each week. For Y2-6 pupils, because their session is in the afternoon, we are going to allow them to come home in the kit, so that you can ensure that it is washed. Pupils will bring their school clothes home in their bag. Year 1 pupils will bring their Forest/Kixx kit home with them after each session.