LKS2 Presentation of Learning

This morning, LKS2 were joined by lots of their adults to take part in a presentation of the learning we have done throughout our most recent expedition entitled ‘From Bean to Bar’ with the guiding question, ‘What is the Cost of a Bar of Chocolate?’

We began our presentation by sharing the narrative of our expedition, explaining each of our case studies (History, Science and DT) and the rationale behind each of these. We then worked in mini crews to demonstrate some of our favourite activities from throughout the expedition: Mayan mask making and timeline work from our History case study, a viscosity experiment and solids, liquids and gases sorting from our Science case study and a fresh vs processed food sorting activity from our DT case study. We also took part in a Kahoot quiz to test our overall sticky knowledge on the Mayans!

Once everybody had explored the different activities, they were all given the opportunity to sample some of the Mayan inspired recipes we have worked on during our DT case study – tuna, avocado and salad wraps for starter, a sweet potato and polenta bake for main and some chocolate and chilli cupcakes for dessert! We even treated everyone to a traditional Mayan drink – hot chocolate (with a twist as it was made with real cacao powder and had a hint of chilli!)

We ended our presentation of learning with our adults taking home our final product – some delicious chocolate and chilli cupcakes that were designed, baked and boxed by our very own hands! We had so much fun with our adults and received lots of wonderful parent and pupil voice from the event. Thank you again to everyone who has attended! 

Becky Green – an inspiration!

What a fantastic way to kick start our sport week with a GB Freestyler Kayaker! Becky Green inspired children this morning with her passion for kayaking, at such a young age she has achieved so much! Our children practised some key skills and exercises to get their bodies moving.

Dare you venture into the Jungle?

Today, we were very lucky to take part in a wonderful experience brought to us by M&M productions, The Jungle Book. Many of us knew the story of Mowgli and it was fantastic to see the story brought to life!


In PE, we started our new unit fitness. Our aim was to understand how balance helps us in everyday life. To warm up, we played snakes and tunnels. When I shouted “snakes” we wiggled the ropes low to the ground. The children had to jump over the ropes. When I shouted “tunnels” we lifted the ropes up high. Children had to duck underneath the ropes. We then moved onto skills development and looked at balance in everyday life. In groups of 3, we had to complete an activity for 2 minutes and then swap over. The activities were skipping, lifting a hoop above our heads and then back to the floor, and stand on 1 foot whilst balancing a beanbag on our heads. We then looked at better balancing, and completed a range of activities. The first activity was standing in a line and standing on one foot. We passed the beanbag down the line and then hopped to join the end. We then had to reach the other side by lifting the hoop over their teammates head and placing it infront of them. They then had to jump back into the hoop. As part of the plenary, we discussed how we use balance in everyday life.