My tie is a scarf for a cold giraffe..

Today we started our new story The Smartest Giant in Town. We read the first section where the giant walks through the local town and bumps into a giraffe. The giraffe moaned that he was cold and needed to warm up, therefore we all needed to make a tie for the giraffe to warm up his long neck!

Look at the designs we created on our ties! 👔

Music – Crew Marsh 🎶 ✨

Continuing our work on Colonel Haithi’s march, this week we looked at applying our skills of finding and maintaining the beat to the untuned percussion instruments. We worked hard to keep in time with each other and only play our instruments on the correct beat. Once we had had a go at marching on the spot with our instruments, we went on a march around the classroom! We then decided to go on a march around school, playing our instruments and counting the beat like the elephants did on the original video. It was extremely fun and the further we got round school, the more united we sounded in our time-keeping. Great work Crew Marsh! 🥁

Music – Crew Marsh 🎼 ✨

We have been looking at Colonel Haithi’s March from The Jungle Book in our music lessons. It is a really good piece of music to begin learning about different instruments and finding the beat. We listened to the track and began to find the beat by tapping our knees in time to the elephants counting 1-2-3-4. It was great when we all found our rhythm and started to tap totally in time with one another! We decided to build on this by marching on the spot, making sure that each step was in time. We were really good at this! We finished off by discussing what trombones are and how they were used in this piece of music to sound like an elephant. We looked at how they are played, and the musical ‘family’ they fall into.

Hansel and Gretel drama

In today’s experience lesson we read the last part of the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Once they had gone into the house they found out it was a nasty witch who owned it. The witch kept Hansel in a cage to fatten him up to eat and made Gretel do lots of horrible jobs. We loved acting out the different parts of the end of the story. Our favourite bit was when Gretel pushed the witch into the oven and they found all of her treasure so they were rich!

We had some great acting and super listening ears and magnet eyes in the audience!

E Safety

In crew today we have been learning about the importance of keeping ourselves online. This is an aspect we have spoke about before as it is essential that we conduct ourselves responsibility online. We thought about how to keep smart online and if we were worried about something then we ~ stop, close and tell someone. We were able to identify some of the issues that we may encounter online and how important it is to speak to others. We then created some posters with ideas of how to stay safe online. 

A gingerbread house in the woods?

After reading the next part of Hansel and Gretel we learnt that Hansel and Gretel came across a gingerbread house in the middle of the woods. It had icing on it and lots of sweets. We created our own gingerbread houses in mini crews and had a competition to see who was the best voted by our parents. It was sticky work but we enjoyed eating it.