Anti-bullying week

This morning in crew, we looked at a story called ‘Topsy and Tim help a friend’. We paused the video to look at the different actions each character carried out and discussed whether they were kind choices, or unkind choices. Here were some of the things we talked about…

What were the unkind children doing?

They tripped the boy up! – Emma

Then they laughed at him when he fell down – Harlow

They threw his bag – Araya

They were bullying him! – Kingsley

Because they did lots of unkind things, not just one and it made it made him sad – Hilaryanna.

They tricked him! – Alyssa

What did Topsy and Tim do to help?

They told the grown ups – Elsie

Then the grown ups talked to all the children. The boy was kind then and he said sorry – Max

We learnt a lot about kind and unkind actions from this story!