Citizenship Crew in Crew Boswell

Today we have been looking at how we can react to things outside of our control and who we could talk to when our feelings change. The children came up with situations that they feel they’re in control of and those that they’re not before sorting those and others into what’s in their circle of control and what’s not.

Crew MI- Crew lesson- We are all unique 💖

Last week, in Crew, we thought about what makes us unique and special. We acted out scenarios and thought about how the people felt in them and why. We offered advice but also reflected on what we would have done. It was a great session to celebrate everyone’s ‘uniqueness’ and how we are all special and contribute to this world in our own ways.

Jigsaw crew challenge 🧩

Our crew challenge for this week was to work together in mini crews to complete a jigsaw. We developed our team work skills, communication and listening skills to work together to see which team could complete the jigsaw the fastest. Throughout the challenge, we debriefed to discuss what was working well and what we thought we needed to improve. This helped come up with strategies like sorting the pieces, doing the edges first, each team member trying to complete a different section of the jigsaw to then put together at the end.

Exploring a new resource…👀

Crew MW explored a mystery box this morning in outdoor provision…We began by predicting what might be in the box. Some of us thought there might be a giant teddy in there, or a pirate, or maybe even a unicorn! But what we found was some giant polydron pieces! We had lots of fun working together to build using the polydrons outside! We created a house and a tunnel with a trap door and we followed Miss Welburn’s instructions and positional language carefully to make the structures. We even worked out how to rotate the shapes around to make them fit together. The best part was pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs! We huffed, and we puffed, and we blew the house down! 🐷🐷🐷🐺

Road Safety Week

This morning in community crew, Crew MW looked at a lollipop person and what their job is. We talked about how they can help us to cross the road safely, and how we can cross the road safely if there isn’t a lollipop person to help us. We had lots of fun going into our outdoor area to practice crossing the road safely!

Remember: stop, look both ways, listen!

The start of road safety week…

This morning we had a great crew discussion about road safety. We talked about how to keep ourselves safe when we are out and about especially about focussing on what can distract us and drivers. We also talked about what we needed to wear, where best to cross the road and explored the green code code. Finally, we played a game at the end to put into practise what we had learnt. Lots of us got 7/7!