Exploring a new resource…👀

Crew MW explored a mystery box this morning in outdoor provision…We began by predicting what might be in the box. Some of us thought there might be a giant teddy in there, or a pirate, or maybe even a unicorn! But what we found was some giant polydron pieces! We had lots of fun working together to build using the polydrons outside! We created a house and a tunnel with a trap door and we followed Miss Welburn’s instructions and positional language carefully to make the structures. We even worked out how to rotate the shapes around to make them fit together. The best part was pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs! We huffed, and we puffed, and we blew the house down! 🐷🐷🐷🐺

Road Safety Week

This morning in community crew, Crew MW looked at a lollipop person and what their job is. We talked about how they can help us to cross the road safely, and how we can cross the road safely if there isn’t a lollipop person to help us. We had lots of fun going into our outdoor area to practice crossing the road safely!

Remember: stop, look both ways, listen!

The start of road safety week…

This morning we had a great crew discussion about road safety. We talked about how to keep ourselves safe when we are out and about especially about focussing on what can distract us and drivers. We also talked about what we needed to wear, where best to cross the road and explored the green code code. Finally, we played a game at the end to put into practise what we had learnt. Lots of us got 7/7!

Anti-bullying week

This morning in crew, we looked at a story called ‘Topsy and Tim help a friend’. We paused the video to look at the different actions each character carried out and discussed whether they were kind choices, or unkind choices. Here were some of the things we talked about…

What were the unkind children doing?

They tripped the boy up! – Emma

Then they laughed at him when he fell down – Harlow

They threw his bag – Araya

They were bullying him! – Kingsley

Because they did lots of unkind things, not just one and it made it made him sad – Hilaryanna.

They tricked him! – Alyssa

What did Topsy and Tim do to help?

They told the grown ups – Elsie

Then the grown ups talked to all the children. The boy was kind then and he said sorry – Max

We learnt a lot about kind and unkind actions from this story!

Crew MW’s School Trip!

What a wonderful day we’ve had at Austerfield! We started our day with an exciting bus journey where we drove through Doncaster and saw lots of new and exciting buildings including the Minster and train station and we even saw a police van!

When we got to Austerfield, we went on an adventure in the woods and collected lots of natural resources to create some artwork with in the afternoon. We explored the hills, the sand, the muddy puddles and the Christmas trees and we found lots of toadstools, berries and pine cones!

Then we enjoyed some delicious dinner!

After lunch, we used our natural resources to create some artwork and to make potions!

We had a lovely day, but we’re definitely ready for a sleep now!

Building crew and working on our communication skills

In crew MW this morning, our crew worked together to play a game called ‘happy families’. We had to communicate with each other to find all of the family in our colour group. We found this a little bit tricky today as we had to use our words, rather than show each other our cards, but in our de-brief, we talked about what we could do differently next time. We can’t wait to play this game again in crew challenge to see if we can be even better at it!

Challenge Crew in Crew Boswell

This morning in our challenge crew session, we looked at ourselves and how frustration can affect us. The task was simple: follow the instructions to make ‘The Harrier’ (a simple, effective paper plane). We learned that following instructions can sometimes be tricky and that it can sometimes be difficult to ask for support, especially when those around us seem to be finding something easy. Our debrief gave us the opportunity to think about how to overcome these reservations and frustrations during lessons so we can be the best versions of ourselves and develop our resilience!

Caring crew in MI

We started to discuss our families in crew time this morning. First of all, we played a game of swap where we had to move places with others in the circle if we shared something the same. This included brothers, sisters and pets! We were then given different pictures that were cut up, we had to build the pictures thinking about what we could see and what was the same and different. From here we started to think about our own family, we drew them, described them and added words to describe their characters. We then shared our creations with our partners and then the whole crew. Our debrief involved us thinking about our role as a member of our crew. We discussed our ideas well and related lots of our discussions to our howls. A great start to the day in MI 🙂