Music – Crew Marsh 🎶 ✨

Continuing our work on Colonel Haithi’s march, this week we looked at applying our skills of finding and maintaining the beat to the untuned percussion instruments. We worked hard to keep in time with each other and only play our instruments on the correct beat. Once we had had a go at marching on the spot with our instruments, we went on a march around the classroom! We then decided to go on a march around school, playing our instruments and counting the beat like the elephants did on the original video. It was extremely fun and the further we got round school, the more united we sounded in our time-keeping. Great work Crew Marsh! 🥁

Music – Crew Marsh 🎼 ✨

We have been looking at Colonel Haithi’s March from The Jungle Book in our music lessons. It is a really good piece of music to begin learning about different instruments and finding the beat. We listened to the track and began to find the beat by tapping our knees in time to the elephants counting 1-2-3-4. It was great when we all found our rhythm and started to tap totally in time with one another! We decided to build on this by marching on the spot, making sure that each step was in time. We were really good at this! We finished off by discussing what trombones are and how they were used in this piece of music to sound like an elephant. We looked at how they are played, and the musical ‘family’ they fall into.

Exploring a new resource…👀

Crew MW explored a mystery box this morning in outdoor provision…We began by predicting what might be in the box. Some of us thought there might be a giant teddy in there, or a pirate, or maybe even a unicorn! But what we found was some giant polydron pieces! We had lots of fun working together to build using the polydrons outside! We created a house and a tunnel with a trap door and we followed Miss Welburn’s instructions and positional language carefully to make the structures. We even worked out how to rotate the shapes around to make them fit together. The best part was pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs! We huffed, and we puffed, and we blew the house down! 🐷🐷🐷🐺

Music – Crew Mcloughlin 🎶

This week we have continued our exploration of ‘Hey, Mr Miller’. We started by completing a vocal warm up focusing on scales and arpeggios – this helped us to exercise, not only our vocal chords, but also our facial muscles and mouth.

We looked at the word rhythms of select lines from the song, and working in small groups, clapped out the rhythm being sure to think about any pauses, as well as working hard to ensure each member of the group was in time. Once we had practised in our groups, we layered each of the lines so that every group was performing at the same time. We then added in the element of untuned percussion instruments in place of clapping the rhythm to create an ostinato. We worked well in our groups to make sure that every member was in time – it was tricky but the more we practised, the better it sounded! It was really lovely to see some children naturally falling into the role of a conductor, ensuring everyone knew what they were doing and that everyone stayed in time. Special shout out to Lydia B who did a fantastic job of conducting her group, whilst also playing her instrument at the same time!

Road Safety Week

This morning in community crew, Crew MW looked at a lollipop person and what their job is. We talked about how they can help us to cross the road safely, and how we can cross the road safely if there isn’t a lollipop person to help us. We had lots of fun going into our outdoor area to practice crossing the road safely!

Remember: stop, look both ways, listen!