Ice experiment

Today in Crew Haddock we did another experiment but this time with ice. They had to get 3 cups and fill them with the same amount of water and put them in the freezer. Once they are frozen we then put 1 on the table, 1 on the radiator and then we left the last one in the freezer. We then checked each cup every 30 minutes to see which one was melting first. We found that the one on the radiator melted first and the one in the freezer didn’t melt at all.

Computing in Crew MI

This week in computing, we carried on with out learning about search engines. We used a search engine to find information about explorers. We then worked together to research answers to questions. Quickly, we figured out that the website we were using was full of inaccurate information and fake news when we compared it to another website. We learnt that we have to be careful when searching on the internet.

Demonstration Comprehension – Toad 🐸

This week, we had a really good discussion about the importance of demonstration comprehension and deepened our understanding of why we have this lesson. By working with our teacher, we were able to identify the key steps needed in order to read, understand and answer comprehension questions. By doing this, and listening to Miss Hamill as she talked us through her thought process, we were able to work in mini crews to answer some demonstration comprehension questions of our own.