Exploring Place Value to 100!

Today in Crew Welburn, we have been exploring place value to 100. We have looked at representing numbers to 100 using base ten, and partitioning numbers using our arrow cards to create addition facts! We are getting really confident now and can’t wait to apply our learning to our fluency and problem solving tasks!

Brilliant Biscuit Bakers! ⭐️

Today is Crew Nursery we have been super busy baking our special seashell biscuits. The children worked hard to weigh the ingredients, mix it into a dough and cut out the shapes, then when the biscuits were cool we piped in the buttercream and added the magic marshmellow pearl!

We hope you have as much fun eating them as we did making them! 🤩

School Uniform

Please remember to order your child’s uniform on the Carcroft School Shop (Shopify) by this Friday 1st July to ensure delivery before school closes on Thursday 21st July.

Thank you.

Crew Welburn’s Tremendous Trip 🚌

Wow! What a fantastic day out we’ve had at Beamish! ☀️ After a rather long bus journey, we finally arrived in Durham and got to go back in time and experience what life would have been like during the Victorian times. We explored the town with all of its wonderful shops and the bank, and we went into the different houses. We visited a music teacher’s house, a solicitor’s house and a dentist’s house! Luckily the dentist left our wobbly teeth alone! 😬 We also got to experience a mining pit village and the cottages that would have been found in a village like this. We liked the cottages – they were warm and cosy – but we all agreed that we preferred the houses in the town because they were bigger and some of them even had toilets and baths inside! Finally, we experienced a Victorian school day. These lessons were very different to ours at school and the teacher was very strict, but we still enjoyed them. We’ve had so much fun and have had lots of smiles on our faces all day. We can’t wait to share what we found out with each other at school tomorrow 😃

Fintastic Fish & Jiggly Jelly!

What a busy day we have had in Crew Nursery!
This morning we practised our scissor skills by snipping strips of paper and sticking them onto our ‘rainbow fish’.

This afternoon we had lots of fun getting messy exploring the slimy, jelly pool!

What a fantastic week! 🐠