Team building in Scotties

This morning, Crew Thompson were very lucky to have Scotties Heroes. First, we played a blindfolded game of collect the cones. We worked in mini crews and had to make sure we gave clear instructions for our partner to follow. We had to make sure we were listening to the instructions carefully and used the directions given. Next, we went into the forest and tried to get through the string maze. It was really good fun and we can’t wait to try and do this blindfolded next time!

Active break times 🚶‍♀️🎶⚽️

In Crew Marsh the children have really embraced working in small groups during their break and lunchtimes. They have been working on lots of different skills, some new and some previously shown in PE lessons. This varies from dancing and balancing, to target throws and tennis games. It has been great to watch the children grow in confidence and now start to set up these activities themselves, showing great teamwork throughout. We always end our break time by joining one long line and doing the ‘conga’ to collect all of our equipment around the playground before heading back inside. I can’t wait to see what other exciting activities are coming up!


This afternoon in our PE lesson, we developed our dodging skills to avoid being hit. The two things we needed to be successful today were keeping our head up to see the throwers and standing in the ready position with your knees bent ready to move. First, we practiced in partners dodging, ducking and jumping out of the way of the ball. Then, we had a bigger game of dodgeball. We were able to put our dodging skills into practice. It was fantastic to see the children playing by the rules and being honest if they got hit.

Ready position

Over the last two weeks, we have been working on our net and wall techniques. This has meant we have needed to be able to do the ready position in order to be able to pass and receive the ball over the net.

I have been so impressed with how well the children have improved their technique in just two weeks!

Scotty’s Heroes

This week’s session was enjoyed by all. The children started off playing games to get them warmed up which was evident when all their coats came off despite the cold weather.

They then had to work in pair to give each other instructions while one of them wore a blindfold. Have you ever tried walking in a straight line with your eyes closed? It’s not as easy as you’d think which was why clear communication between partners was vital.