Celebrating Harvest with KS1’s first performance to the whole school 🌾🚜🌾

KS1 have worked so hard on their Harvest Festival, sharing their learning with whole school! This was such a brave thing to do, so early on in the academic year, we were very proud of the children. Their confidence shone through. A big thank you to Miss McGlone to helping us with our music skills, we were excited to showcase these on the day.

Harvest Festival 🎃

Thank you to everyone that’s supported us with our Harvest Festival donations. We really appreciate your support 💕 Mandy, at Oops a Daisy has donated this amazing flower arrangement, it’s absolutely stunning and could be yours! We are raffling this off at £1 per number and it will be drawn at lunchtime tomorrow so it is able to be collected at home time.

We will be at the front of school in the morning for those that have asked to purchase a number. All funds raised will go towards purchasing a banner for a children to celebrate our attendance at extra curricular events such as Young Voices and sporting events. Thank you all for your continued support.