Exploring the weather

This morning, Crew MW took a little walk around the outdoor area of our school. We discovered that the frost had come! We explored the crunchy, frosty grass and then glittery frost on the tyres! We also found out that frost and ice makes everything a little bit slippery and we practised our skating on the tarmac under the climbing frame! When we walked around to the forest area, we also found that the water in the water tray had frozen 🥶 We talked about what will happen as the sunshine comes out and warms up the temperature, and we decided that the ice would probably start to melt.

The Roman Rampage by Charlie

Charlie has been working hard at home to create his own Roman book called “Roman Rampage”. Charlie shared this in crew this morning and we were all blown away with the information in it. Charlie had included lots of expedition knowledge about the Romans and included his own drawings to support his writing! ✏️✍️

Case study 1 reflection 🌍🛡️

Today we completed a kahoot quiz to really test how much we have learnt during case study 1. It was great to see the kids really engaged in their learning and remembering what they have learnt. Our top 3 children were 3 – Shelby, 2 – Charlie and 1 – Lydia. Well done guys! 🎉👏🏻

Why did the Romans come to Doncaster?

In our expedition lesson this afternoon, we explored why the Romans came to Doncaster. The Romans came to Doncaster in the AD50’s because of the River Don and the community already living there. We discovered that during the Roman times Doncaster was famous for pottery kilns but is now famous for trains like the Flying Scotsman. We created some lovely posters to show our learning!

Roman Settlements

Over the course of 2 lessons, the children studied maps that gave them information about where the Romans settled. They then used information around the room to help them annotate their map with information about why the Romans settled in spectating places. For instance they settled in Londinium (London) because they could transport people and goods on the river Thames.

Roman towns!

Today in our expedition lesson, we have found out lots of information about Roman towns. We focussed on six Roman towns in England: Londinium, Eboracum, Viriconium, Isca Augusta, Deva, Aquae Sulius. We used a map to help us locate where the Romans settled in the United Kingdom.

Deforestation discussions in MI

Today we thought about deforestation, what it is and the different causes. We watched a variety of clips to help us to understand further. We also looked at some of the reasons why people don’t want to stop deforestation. After having some great discussions on this, we took part in a role play activity. There were a variety of roles given out including loggers, pharmacists, conservationists, cattle farmers and fast food restaurant owners. We each tried to get into role and think about why we were in favour or against deforestation.