Marvellous Maps

As part of Hook Week we have created maps of Carcroft in the style of David Hockney. The children used tea bags to stain their paper and then used pictures of places in Carcroft and cut and arranged them. We think they look fantastic!

Hooking in to expedition!

Crew MW have spent the morning hooking into their new expedition – ‘What happens where the sea meets the shore?’ The day started with us finding a basket in our classroom…

‘It’s a basket!’ – Hilaryanna

‘A picnic basket!’ – Harlow

Before we had a peep inside the basket, we thought about what you might find inside a picnic basket. These were our ideas: food, a blanket to sit on, sandwiches, bananas, healthy food like fruit and veg and a drink.

But it wasn’t picnic food that we found in the basket…It was items for the seaside! After exploring what we would take to the beach with us on our trip in a few weeks, we talked about what a beach was like. Some of us were a little unsure, so we decided to make a beach in the classroom! We had sand, water in the paddling pool, buckets, spades, shells, fish and nets…it was so much fun paddling in the water and catching the fish with our nets. We loved exploring the sand too and adding water to it to see what it would be like when the tide came in!

Expert Visitor in KS1

We were very lucky to be visited today by Geoff who works at XP. He came to show us his drone and talk about how he can use it to take aeriel photographs from high up in the sky. Unfortunately it was just too wet and windy for us to go outside and flying the drone but Geoff has promised to come back on a nice sunny day so we can see the drone flying and try and spot some landmarks in Carcroft.

Perfect Penguin Predictions 🐧📖✏️

To kickstart our new writing unit, based on the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, for our experience lesson we discussed what we knew about penguins and predicted what the book would be about based on the front cover. We also watched an interesting video all about different types of penguins! Did you know there is a Fairy Penguin 🐧 that lives in Australia! 🇦🇺

Comparing Africa and the UK

In today’s geography lesson we compared different places in the UK with places in Africa. We looked at Zanzibar, Madagascar and Johannesburg and thought about the similarities and differences with Beeley, London and Skegness.  We then used what we had learnt to work in mini crews to create a script which we then recorded to make a video. We hope you enjoy it!