Crew Godley’s week of excitement!

What an exciting and extremely busy first week back! We have kicked our expedition off in style by working with an XP expert, Geoff. Geoff came into crew to show us how a drone worked to enable us to take aerial photographs of our school and local community 📷 🏫 We learnt so much and had an amazing time watching the drone, including a few of its party tricks!

This was followed by a discovery, a time capsule, dated back to the 1900’s (just as Mrs Godley was born supposedly 👀😊) Inside there were many artefacts which enabled us to put our historian skills to use. We discovered many things about the past and how the objects have evolved in present time.

Today, well, that was a different story completely! When we came into crew this morning we discovered that the boys and girls were not allowed to sit next to each, talk, ask a question or even put their hand up! Can you imagine! The children sported school uniform across the eras and looked fantastic. The era we travelled back today was the Victorian era and the children embraced it wonderfully even accepting the challenge of writing their names 20 times for their morning task. Mr Longley terrified us, dining he black cape and cane. His acting skills had us in the edge of seat not knowing what would come next. We’ve had a wonderful day which I’m sure the children will love telling you all about 😊 Have a fantastic weekend everyone and see you all on Monday for some more fantastic expeditionary work 🧭🗺

LKS2 Celebration (31.3.22)🎸🎵🎶

We would just like to say a massive thank you again to parents attending our celebration event this afternoon, it was great to have parents back in school celebrating the children’s hard work. We loved sharing our final product song with you and will be in touch soon to tell you about purchasing the CD. 

Keep your eyes peeled out on the blog and website where the video and song will be shared for others to see.

Thanks again,

From a proud LKS2 team 😆

BBK – Animals in danger

This morning we’re researching animals that are in danger to build our background knowledge. We are focusing on fluency skills to really ensure we understand what we are reading. I praise how some children are rereading our text to double check we are understanding what we are reading.

Now we understand a little more about animals in danger, we are creating our own BBK poster.

Expedition Learning in Crew MI

Today we have continued to produce our Colombia posters, showcasing all the research we collected on Colombia. We have wrote about Colombia’s climate, where Colombia is in the world and The Andes. Children have made a fantastic start with these and we all all excited to continue working on these tomorrow.

Building background knowledge

Today we have used Jess French’s brilliant book ‘Forests’ to understand some more information on deforestation, helping us answer our guiding question!