Road safety week in FS1

This week we have been learning all about road safety at nursery. We talked about why it’s important to hold hands when walking along a busy street and why it’s important to look and listen when there is busy traffic. We played the game ‘stop and go’ in the big hall and outdoors. We even practised walking in a long line and holding hands outdoors! Crew Dorman are super safe!

We know to – ‘Stop, look and listen!’

We know to hold hands with a grown up near a busy road!

We know ‘red’ for STOP! and ‘green’ for GO!

Zebra crossings

Have black and white stripes like a zebra and are marked with flashing amber lights on top of stripy poles called ‘Belisha beacons’. At a zebra crossing you muststop, look, listen and wait for cars travelling in both directions to stop before you start crossing the road.

Pelican crossings

Have traffic lights and a button to press. The ‘red person signal’ means it is not safe to cross and children must stop and wait.
The ‘green person signal’ means it is safe to cross but you must check first that the traffic has stopped. Some crossings make a ‘beeping’ sound to tell people who can’t see when it is safe to cross.

Whatever type of crossing you use, you must always hold a grown up’s hand while crossing, and keep looking and listening for traffic!

Maths Week – A visit from Percy the Park Keeper!

This week ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ visited nursery and we have been helping him with all his busy jobs. We have helped him sort the compare bears by matching colours. We have hung his socks to dry in matching pairs looking carefully at the patterns! Answering the question – Are the socks the same or different? We sorted Percy’s toys and animals by checking if they were big or small and putting them into two groups. We even explored shape and space making tracks for Percy’s trains and shelters for the animals!

Phew….What a busy week!

This week we also started exploring colour in maths and looked closely at the colour red!

Next weeks colour will be blue! I wonder what we will find out?

FS1 – Anti- Bullying week – Crew challenge!

This week we have been learning all about being kind and sharing in Crew Dorman. We practised our sharing skills playing a game called ‘pass the ball’ and we worked as a team on building a tower! Taking it in turns to place each brick on top of the other. We wondered?…..Could we work as a team and place each block carefully? We tried our best, took turns and at the end had a nice high tower. Even though the tower fell a few times we kept going practising our team work and resilience! Mrs Dorman and Mrs Mason praised our teamwork!

Diwali Dance Workshop

We had a fabulous Wednesday morning taking part in a Diwali dance workshop! We worked on moving freely and with self-expression in the hall. Building up confidence, and gaining knowledge of multicultural celebrations through different styles of dance. Developing agility, coordination, flexibility and balance.

Why don’t you try some of our favourite dance moves at home!

  • Lotus position – Start with palms facing the sky. Curl the fingers up towards the sky starting with the little finger. Cross the arms over at the wrists to create a flower shape (lotus flower)
  • Prayer – Palms of the hands together to make a prayer. Can go up high above the head, down low, or even flip upside down.
  • Changing light bulbs – Start with palms facing the sky. Curl the fingers up towards the sky starting with the little finger. Twist at the wrist as if changing a light bulb.

What a lovely day in FS1!

Using our senses – smell, touch and sight to explore pumpkins outdoors. What a lot of fun!

This week we were very excited to learn all about pumpkins! We looked closely at them and discovered they grew out of the ground, were orange, had seeds inside and smelt very strong! Some of Crew Dorman liked the smell and said “It smells like apples!” and some of us just said “Yuk!”

Outdoors, we had the opportunity to work on our fine motor skills, using hammers and pegs to pierce the thick pumpkin skins. We also worked on scooping out the gooey insides with scoops and spoons building up our hand muscles for our writing skills!

We talked about the pumpkins a lot and were heard saying words like “gooey, slimy, seeds, stinky and smooth!” We even decided to use the pumpkins in our imaginative play transporting them from the shop in our bike with a trailer and using our mud kitchen to pretend to cook pumpkin pie and soup!

Pretending to be Witches and Wizards in PE

On Monday morning, Crew Dorman had our very first PE session in the big hall. We were learning how to move safely in the space without bumping into anybody and how to move in imaginative ways using our whole body. We decided we would see how much fun it would be pretending to be witches and wizards. Our PE session started with a poem all about witches and wizards and finished with crew time to share our praise for imaginative moves! We can’t wait for next Monday for more exciting PE lessons!

FS1 Stay and Engage

Thursday 7th September 2023 – Stay and engage in FS1

What a fantastic day!

Crew Dorman had a wonderful time making Gruffalo crumble, bird feeders, exploring the wood at school and taking part in a nature treasure hunt! Thank you to everyone who made it a day to remember!