Hook Week in Nursery

In nursery, this week, we have been enjoying different activities to hook us into our new summer expedition. We read Billy’s Bucket, and talked about what we can do at the seaside and our past experiences. 

We watched a clip from The Little Mermaid and named different sea animals, then we looked at different pictures of other sea animals and saw how many we could name as a crew. 

Then, we began planting our seeds and beans ahead of looking at growing in a few weeks.

Shape Practice

Nursery had lots of fun in maths today practicing drawing different shapes and learning their shape names ready to practice sorting them tomorrow. Ruby even chose to practice drawing rectangles in provision this morning.

Hook Week in nursery!

We have started our Spring expedition here in nursery. It is called “Once Upon a Time” and our guiding question is “Who is hiding in the pages of this book?” During hook week we have read the story ‘The Great Nursery Rhyme Disaster’ and explored the different nursery rhymes in the book. We made a list of nursery rhymes we liked, sung nursery rhymes in class and acted out nursery rhymes in our nursery puppet theatre. Our parents came in to share a story or rhyme with us this Friday and we have had lots of fun making ‘Rhyming stones’ for our outdoor area. Phew! We have even met lots of new friends that started nursery this week and have helped them to settle in.

Well done FS1!

FS1 Crew Christmas cards!

Here they are! Our Christmas cards! I think you will agree that all of our drafts and re-drafts, practising our printing and colour mixing really did pay off! We all worked so hard getting these cards ready for Christmas and Mrs Dorman, Mrs Mason and our parents are really proud of us!

Happy Christmas!

FS1 – Art in process – Printing for Christmas!

For the last two weeks we have been very busy starting our Christmas art work. We looked at lots of different card designs with prints on and decided we would like to try finger printing our own cards for Christmas. We tested out our prints last week and practiced printing along the line in groups using different coloured printing pads. This week we explored colour mixing using red, blue and yellow to make orange, green and purple. Next week, we are going to further improve our work, as we thought we would like to use the colours we had mixed for our final print! We will have three re-drafts when we are finished! Phew! Watch this space our Christmas cards are going to be fantastic!

Beautiful work over the last 2 weeks!

It has been lovely finding out what children have been working on across school. Well done to all the children who have shared their beautiful work with me over the last 2 weeks. Some fantastic work 🙂

Crew Dorman – Celebration of Learning

Crew Dorman had our Celebration of Learning this morning!

It all started in September, with the Expedition – ‘Exploring our World’ our guiding question was ‘What do stories tell us about Autumn?’

All term we have been exploring our nursery indoors and out, reading stories and getting used to all of our play areas and daily routines.

In Case study 1 our focus story was ‘Owl babies’ and we learnt about our family and other families like ours.

In Case study 2 we looked at non fiction books on ‘Diwali’ and ‘Bonfire night’ and learnt the rhyme ‘5 Little firemen’ with actions!

Finally, in Case study 3 our focus story was ‘Percy the Park Keeper – After the Storm’. We used what we had found out about our environment and forests in our stories, to look closely at the animals and plants in Percy’s park. We were incredibly creative throughout all of our expedition. We made lots of artwork, building up our art skills and confidence, to be creative with lots of different materials inside and outside!

During our celebration of learning, we showcased our ownership of our learning environment, by showing our parents where we like to play. We showed off our crafting and printing skills making ‘Clay hedgehogs, ‘Leaf man’ pictures and Autumnal handprints! We also talked about our favourite stories R said to Mrs Dorman “I like the Leaf man story!” and N said “I like the Percy book!”

Thank you to everyone who has made our expedition so magical and a big thank you to everyone today for celebrating all of our wonderful learning! What a fantastic day! Well done Crew Dorman!


Why don’t you practice the rhyme ‘5 Little leaves’ at home or take a look at one of our favourite stories ‘Leaf Man’.