Handwriting Focus

Crew Hamill have worked extremely hard over the last two weeks to improve their handwriting. On Friday, we stripped things right back to focusing on each letter of the alphabet and how to write this cursively. We then worked through handwriting sheets that had been made on the yellow lines we use to support our writing in writing lessons. Miss Hamill also gave us a set of these sheets to take home for homework so that we have even more practise of cursive!

Practise makes perfect!

Practise, practise, practise! Crew Godley have been trying so hard to develop their handwriting skills, making sure our letters are formed from the correct point, sat on the line and have correct ascenders and descenders. It’s a lot to remember but we are stating to see some real improvements!

Year 2 Non-Chronological Report

Today we began our lesson by thinking about the school day. In pairs we ordered the events that happen in a typical school day such as reading, writing and maths. The children then added in important things like bagels and story time that Mrs Robson had forgotten about!

Afterwards we thought more carefully about the purpose of crew and what happens during our crew sessions as this will be the first section of our report.

Feature finding

In our writing lesson, we focussed on identifying the features that are needed for a no chronological report. We found lots of features such as: title, subheadings, facts, third person and pictures with captions. We can’t wait to start writing our non chronological report about the Mayans.