Crew Marsh get Arty 👩‍🎨

During our writing lesson, some children access labs of learning to enhance their knowledge of vocabulary which they then use in their pieces of writing. Today the children were shown how to use the iPads to access a QR code which then led to a step by step video teaching them how to draw Little Red Riding Hood. The children worked in pairs to do this and all worked extremely hard to use these new skills and produced a great piece of art work!

Where did the Romans come from?

During our expedition lesson, we looked at where the Romans came from. We found out that the city of Rome, in Italy, was the centre of the Roman Empire. We watched a quick clip that showed us what Ancient Rome used to be like and we made some interesting observations – there were no cars, people travelled on horseback instead and all the buildings were really detailed, decorated in red and gold. We used our ICT skills to locate Italy using Google Earth and identified where this was on a World Map.

Fighting Fires 🧯🔥

Y2 have been gathering historical information this week about the Great Fire of London, we discovered the fire started in Pudding Lane in 1666. There was no fire brigade in London so Londoners had to fight the fire with the help of the soldiers. They used buckets of water and fire hooks. We looked at how this differed today, how our firefighters could have helped with the equipment in the present day. To test our knowledge about fire fighters in the present day we took part in our first Kahoot quiz, it was a tough one!

Final word presentations to parents in MI

Myself and Mrs Ibbotson would just like to say a massive well done to all the children in Crew MI today that have delivered their final word presentations to parents, teachers and friends. We were blown away by the work that has been put into each and everyone’s presentation. You all showcased yourselves in such a positive way, reflecting on yourself as a learner, highlighting your strengths but also areas for development. We are so proud of the journey you have been on this year and can’t believe that you are all soon off to secondary school! There were many tears today, but tears of pure joy celebrating how wonderful you all are. We look forward to the next round of presentations tomorrow. Continue to be wonderful MI 🙂

Final word presentations in MI

Today we worked in small groups to present our final word presentations to an audience. Our presentations to our parents are getting closer so we are refining our speaking and listening skills ready for the big day 🙂 It was lovely for children to share their journeys with other crew members then give critique for improvement.

Locating local rivers 🔍

This afternoon, we used maps and iPads to locate the rivers in Doncaster and the UK. We really enjoyed finding the River Don that runs through Doncaster and then expanding our search to finding rivers in the UK finding other well known rivers such as Thames, Severn, Ouse and Humber.