Ancient Egyptian BBK

On Monday afternoon, we used the Children’s University of Manchester to develop our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians whilst improving our digital literacy. This was really interesting and we learnt loads of new things (some of us even wanted to read up more about what we’d looked at on Myon)!

Technology Hunt 🔍

To continue our computing lessons, Crew Hamill went on a safari hunt around school! However, we weren’t trying to hunt out animals 🦓🐅🦒 we were searching for technology 💻🖨️📱We went around school and made a list of all the technology we could find and made a note of where things were. It was amazing to see just how much technology there is in Carcroft Primary – computers, laptops, interactive screens and printers just to name a few.

Computing in Crew MI

This week in computing, we carried on with out learning about search engines. We used a search engine to find information about explorers. We then worked together to research answers to questions. Quickly, we figured out that the website we were using was full of inaccurate information and fake news when we compared it to another website. We learnt that we have to be careful when searching on the internet.

Computing in Crew MI 💻

In today’s lesson we learnt about search engines: what they are and why we use them. It was great to explore and see who could find information the fastest. We then discussed how reliable to information was. It was great to see Crew MI helping each other too.

Technology Safari 👀🔎🖥

In our computing lesson today, we went on a technology safari. The aim of this lesson was to be able recognise technology. We walked around the school looking for things that contained a battery, screen and wires. We managed to spot lots of different examples (especially in the staff room) such as computers, a printer and a microwave.

Computing in Crew Boswell

We enjoyed looking at search engines and understanding how they work and why we use them. We’ve also developed our coding skills using the awesome microbits! We can’t wait to use them more and see how much we can program them to do!

”I loved the microbits and how we could make them light up in any way we wanted!”


Algorithms everywhere!

In our computing lesson today we explored what an algorithm is. We learnt that they are a set of instructions to help carry out a task. We then thought about if it matters how we order a set of instructions. We instructed each other to dress up and noticed in which ways we did so. They weren’t all the same!

We discovered that sometimes it does matter which order we get dressed in for example tie and shirt. We used paper dolls to practice writing and following our own algorithms to dress the doll.

We then debriefed by ensuring we could order a set of instructions in a very specific order…… crossing the road. A successful lesson on algorithms 💻