Collaborative working in MI

Today we continued with our history work where we researched different illnesses as mini crews. We all worked collaboratively thinking about the two rubrics we had just discussed, this made us think more about team work and listening to others. After we had gathered our information we worked together thinking about how we would present our findings to the rest of the crew. Again we thought about our rubric and how we can engage an audience. We all presented extremely well, everyone participated and everyone listened well when the other groups shared their work. Finally, we applied our knowledge to a written task, here we showed all the learning we had just done.

Slavery Source Investigation (4.5.22) 🕵️🕵️‍♂️

Today, LKS2 have been critiquing different historical sources from the past. The children looked at primary sources that Slave Traders used to sell and promote the sale of slaves right through to drawings of slave ships and human cargo. We also investigated a range of secondary sources, looking at artistic representations in slavery. We compared what it was like for African and Chinese slaves, discussing what was similar and different.

The insights were interesting and there was a buzz of discussions as we noticed, inferred and even wondered what was happening. This was a great lesson full of fantastic discussions about slavery through these valuable sources. This is helping us to understand Why sugar is not so sweet!

LKS2 Biscuit Tasting

LKS2 had a very fun lesson where they were taste testing different biscuits. The aim was to think about what types of flavours and textures we liked the most, evaluating whether we would eat them again or not and the rating out of 10. We put to test 5 different biscuits – garibaldi, custard cream, shortcake, Bourbon and malted milk. It’s fair to say there was a mix of opinions, but most loved custard creams the most. Years 3 and 4 loved sharing their opinions and debating why some biscuits were better than others.

We will now collate our data for each Crew and put them into a bar graph. Our charts will show the favourite biscuit of Crew Marsh, Flaherty and Gerrard. 

Hook week in Year 1!

This week in Year 1, we’ve been hooked into our new expedition: Diverse Doncaster, Where do we belong?

We’ve had a visit from our expert, Geoff, who showed us our school and the surrounding area using his drone…

Then we discovered a time capsule full of objects and photos from the past!

And finally, we experienced what our school would have been like in Victorian times! We learnt all about the rules and what happened if children didn’t follow them. It’s safe to say that we prefer our school now, not in the past!

We can’t wait to show you what else we get up to in this expedition!

Crew Godley’s week of excitement!

What an exciting and extremely busy first week back! We have kicked our expedition off in style by working with an XP expert, Geoff. Geoff came into crew to show us how a drone worked to enable us to take aerial photographs of our school and local community 📷 🏫 We learnt so much and had an amazing time watching the drone, including a few of its party tricks!

This was followed by a discovery, a time capsule, dated back to the 1900’s (just as Mrs Godley was born supposedly 👀😊) Inside there were many artefacts which enabled us to put our historian skills to use. We discovered many things about the past and how the objects have evolved in present time.

Today, well, that was a different story completely! When we came into crew this morning we discovered that the boys and girls were not allowed to sit next to each, talk, ask a question or even put their hand up! Can you imagine! The children sported school uniform across the eras and looked fantastic. The era we travelled back today was the Victorian era and the children embraced it wonderfully even accepting the challenge of writing their names 20 times for their morning task. Mr Longley terrified us, dining he black cape and cane. His acting skills had us in the edge of seat not knowing what would come next. We’ve had a wonderful day which I’m sure the children will love telling you all about 😊 Have a fantastic weekend everyone and see you all on Monday for some more fantastic expeditionary work 🧭🗺

Hook Day 3 (21.4.22) 🍬🍭

LKS2 had a morning of designing labels for their final product. Before completing this activity, we wondered what made a good logo/design. We had some great ideas such as bright colours, it being simple and eye catching.

We then watched Austin’s butterfly, to use the language of critique to help see how we could make ours and others’ work better. The children really took to this, as they provided clear critique for their peers to improve their labels. Their instructions were clear and you can really see the improvements.

Each class will have their own design and it will be very tricky to choose a class design for the labels, which will be used as part of our final product!

Hook Week – Day 2 (20.4.22) 🍭🍬

Today, LKS2 have been fresearching the origins of sugar and how sugar usage has changed over recent years. It was interesting to see already that sugar hasn’t always had such a sweet past. We put this into a timeline. 

We saw how honey was the main source of sweetness to enjoy from 10,000BC, until about 8,000 BC when tribes in New Guinea chewed on sugar cane as sweet delight. We then saw how sugar turned to people treating others unkindly, as people became enslaved in sugar plantations.

Finally, we got an idea of how sugar is had an impact on our local area of Doncaster. This ranged from Brodsworth Hall, which was built and funded by the sugar trade right to Samual Parkinson’s creation of butterscotch. We found it interesting that sugar helped cheer up soldiers during the First World War.

Hook Week in Crew MI

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a lovely Easter break!

Yesterday we started our hook week with a history day! We started to think about periods of history and which significant people and groups we could remember. From here we did our own research to find specific dates and started to order these using BC and AD. We then worked as a crew to create a paper chain of periods of time throughout history. We then used the images on our anchor chart to predict what we thought the guiding question may be. We realised that one image was a plague doctor, we enjoyed discussing this. We then had a go at drawing our own plague doctors, we all worked really hard and showed some great concentration skills.

LKS2 Hook Day 1 (19.4.22) 🍭🍬

Today, LKS2 have been figuring out their guiding question for the Summer Expedition. We played a game of hangman to figure out what it was. This was great fun trying to guess what it could be and we managed to get there!

After having the Guiding Question revealed, Why is the history of sugar not so sweet?, we started our KWL by writing down what we knew about sweets and what we would like to know. It was great to hear questions like why does sugar energise us, how does sugar melt in water and who discovered sugar? LKS2 can’t wait to find these out over the next few weeks.

Finally, Year 3 and 4 then watched some videos about how sweets are made. We were mesmerised by how rock was made, as well as candy canes. We even wondered if we would be able to visit a sweet factory or make our own. Keep your eyes peeled! 👀👀

LKS2 Final Product – Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now? (16.12.21)

LKS2 are proud to reveal their final product for their Autumn Expedition, in which the children show of their beautiful work and aim to answer the Guiding Question – Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?

We are really proud of the work and learning that has taken place by all of the children across Year 3 and 4, especially their speaking on this video.

Please also look at the website to see the range of work in the other Case Studies.

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