Mayan timeline

Today, we looked at when the Mayan civilisation existed. First, we looked at what vocabulary would come up in todays lesson. We matched the vocab to the correct definition. This really got us thinking but we were able to use our knowledge from the Romans and make the links. For example, we remembered that Julius Caeser and Emperor Claudius were rulers of the Roman empire. We then consolidated our learning by sequencing the events. Then we placed the events on the timeline. We had a great discussion about BC and AD and how the numbers descend and then ascend.

Ancient Egyptian BBK

On Monday afternoon, we used the Children’s University of Manchester to develop our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians whilst improving our digital literacy. This was really interesting and we learnt loads of new things (some of us even wanted to read up more about what we’d looked at on Myon)!

A Trip Back to Ancient Egypt

On Tuesday, we took a trip back in time to build background knowledge about the ancient Egyptians. This was an amazing experience that taught us loads that we never thought was possible! We started by watching (and helping) a mummification, which was really gruesome! We then moved on to some Egyptian games: mancala and senet. These were a little confusing at first but we really enjoyed them! Senet was really like snakes and ladders! After that, we got a chance to ask questions with our expert who taught us lots of things about the ancient Egyptians. Then we had the chance to investigate artefacts and find out a little more about what being a historian is like. We answered questions to learn more but actually think they weren’t all that different to us today. After a much-needed lunch, we got to use reed pens, ink and papyrus to try our hand writing hieroglyphs – it was much harder than we thought and took a lot longer too! To finish off, we played a game where we had to think about building a city and which buildings would make our city great. It was an action-packed day and we really enjoyed it!

Guiding question

So the end of the week as come for hook week. The children have really enjoyed learning about Maya People and what they ate and drank in their time. The children then had ago at predicting what the guiding question will be . They didn’t get it right

How ever the guiding question is: What is the cost of a bar of chocolate?

Title : From bean to bar

Maya Masks

Crew Hamill continued being historians by learning all about Ancient Maya Masks. We learned that masks had a central role in Maya culture and that they were made for a variety of reasons – events, death and even to decorate temples! We used the information we learned to then design and create our own Maya mask.

Mayan Masks

After starting to look at the Mayan timeline in History, we learned about the different masks that were worn by this civilisation. We learned that some masks were worn for celebrations, battle and even in death. Then we had an opportunity to design and create our own masks using known Maya masks as a template.

Hooking in to expedition!

Crew MW have spent the morning hooking into their new expedition – ‘What happens where the sea meets the shore?’ The day started with us finding a basket in our classroom…

‘It’s a basket!’ – Hilaryanna

‘A picnic basket!’ – Harlow

Before we had a peep inside the basket, we thought about what you might find inside a picnic basket. These were our ideas: food, a blanket to sit on, sandwiches, bananas, healthy food like fruit and veg and a drink.

But it wasn’t picnic food that we found in the basket…It was items for the seaside! After exploring what we would take to the beach with us on our trip in a few weeks, we talked about what a beach was like. Some of us were a little unsure, so we decided to make a beach in the classroom! We had sand, water in the paddling pool, buckets, spades, shells, fish and nets…it was so much fun paddling in the water and catching the fish with our nets. We loved exploring the sand too and adding water to it to see what it would be like when the tide came in!

Marvellous Mayan masks

We have looked deeper into the Mayan civilisation and discovered that they used masks. They had event masks and death masks which were used for different purposes. Event masks were used for celebrations and special events and were vibrant and colourful. Death masks were made from Jade because it symbolises the soul. The people designed their own death masks and were buried with them. We designed our own Mayan mask and cut squares of card out to decorate it.

Egyptian workshop

We have had a fantastic day today meeting an Egyptian and doing a range of fun activities which have helped us develop our understanding of the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation. First, we watched a demonstration on how to mummify a body. Next, we got to handle and learn about a range of interesting Egyptian artefacts. After that, we had a question and answer session where we got to have all of our burning questions answered. Our favourite session was next where we got to play a couple of Egyptian board games. After lunch, we even got to build and Egyptian city and use ink to draw hieroglyphs on papyrus. As you can tell, it was a jam-packed day but we really enjoyed it and learnt so much in preparation for our next expedition.