Exploring the weather

This morning, Crew MW took a little walk around the outdoor area of our school. We discovered that the frost had come! We explored the crunchy, frosty grass and then glittery frost on the tyres! We also found out that frost and ice makes everything a little bit slippery and we practised our skating on the tarmac under the climbing frame! When we walked around to the forest area, we also found that the water in the water tray had frozen 🥶 We talked about what will happen as the sunshine comes out and warms up the temperature, and we decided that the ice would probably start to melt.

Crew Challenge

This morning Crew Godley had a difficult crew challenge, especially as we weren’t allowed to communicate other than using facial gestures! Our challenge was to group ourselves according to our colour, the tricky part was that we did not know own colour. Kaison leadership skills were second to none, he was fantastic at leading his crew to success!

Snow and Ice🧊❄️🌨️⛄

To fit with the weather we have had this past few days, we have been playing with the frozen water outside and using different tools to break up the ice. We then plated with the foam and cotton wool this morning and used it as snow. We enjoyed playing with the different textures and creating different pictures with the foam.

My tie is a scarf for a cold giraffe..

Today we started our new story The Smartest Giant in Town. We read the first section where the giant walks through the local town and bumps into a giraffe. The giraffe moaned that he was cold and needed to warm up, therefore we all needed to make a tie for the giraffe to warm up his long neck!

Look at the designs we created on our ties! 👔

Leaning Tower of Feetza! 👣👟

This morning, Crew Hamill took part in a Crew Challenge in which they had to work in mini crews to create the tallest, free-standing tower using their shoes. They worked together to stack their shoes in order to create towers. Can you see which mini crew made the tallest tower?