Measuring Millilitres

This morning, Crew Hamill began looking at measuring in millilitres. We learned that the capacity is the amount of space filled by something and investigated with measuring capacity of different containers. We had several containers, each filled with water. We poured the contents of these containers into a measuring jug and accurately measured the amount of water for each, identifying their capacity.

Adding money in MI

Today we continued with our maths block on money. We used our knowledge of pounds and pence to support our do now activity and also in our main maths lesson. We looked at how we add money amounts together thinking about the appropriate method. Is this written or mental? We thought about where the decimal point is and where our numbers need to go when using a written method. I praise the collaborative working in MI today, some great supportive partners 🙂

Crew MW – Maths (exploring length)

To explore length, we used different sizes of ribbon to talk about which we thought was the shortest, and which was the longest and why. We worked as a group to talk about the longest and the shortest and then looked at where the remaining ribbons would go based on how long they were.

We then used the small world blocks to create our own village. We then had to use multi-link cubes to work out who had the longest and shortest journey to ‘school’.

Making numbers to 10

This afternoon, we have looked at making numbers to 10. We started by selecting a number from the magic bag, and then choosing two representations from the pile of tens frames. We counted up all of the counters on the representations to see how many we had altogether and to see if we had made the magic number or not. After that, we made dominoes using our play dough and beads. We talked about how many were in each part and how many altogether.

Shape Practice

Nursery had lots of fun in maths today practicing drawing different shapes and learning their shape names ready to practice sorting them tomorrow. Ruby even chose to practice drawing rectangles in provision this morning.