Interpreting data

Y4 have worked hard at reading line graphs this morning. We had to also use our reading skills to answer multi-step questions, we had to re-read the statements a few times to really understand the question. Some of us used rulers to really help with being accurate when reading the line graph data.


In arithmetic, we have worked hard to ensure we are using the squares in our maths books accurately, ensuring there is one number in each square. We have also worked hard to ensure all of our numbers are formed correctly, a ruler is used to draw any lines and we use appropriate spaces between calculations so that we can read our work properly and it is presented to the best of our ability. We focused on addition of 3 digit numbers with exchanging and some of us were even able to move on to four and five digit numbers!

Analogue to Digital

Following our success with reading time on an analogue clock, Crew Hamill moved on to look at digital clocks. We discussed how we could find these in lots of places – on some watches, our phones, microwaves, ovens… We then looked at how to read a digital clock properly and what each of the digits means. Following this, we used our new knowledge to correctly match analogue clocks to digital clocks as well as the time in words.


In our arithmetic session today, Crew Hamill have been focusing on one of our gaps in learning that we identified from last week’s arithmetic test. We looked at multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers and recapped how to do this using the column method. Some of us even moved on to 3 digit by 1 digit!

Telling the Time – 5 minute intervals

Today, Crew Hamill pushed their learning of time to the next level by focusing on the 5 minute intervals on an analogue clock. We practised our 5 times tables to ensure we were secure in counting in 5s and then repeated this up to 60 as there are 60 minutes in an hour. We focused on the blue hand being our minute hand and the red hand being our hour hand and used this to show different times using the 5 minute intervals.