Exploring the weather

This morning, Crew MW took a little walk around the outdoor area of our school. We discovered that the frost had come! We explored the crunchy, frosty grass and then glittery frost on the tyres! We also found out that frost and ice makes everything a little bit slippery and we practised our skating on the tarmac under the climbing frame! When we walked around to the forest area, we also found that the water in the water tray had frozen 🥶 We talked about what will happen as the sunshine comes out and warms up the temperature, and we decided that the ice would probably start to melt.

How do we see?

During this case study, we have been learning about light and how the eye works. We were super excited this afternoon when we had the opportunity to see how the pupil works. We couldn’t believe that our eye does this without us even knowing.

Super shadow puppets! 🔦

In expedition this afternoon we investigated how shadows change. First, we made our own puppets. Then, we started our investigation. We wanted to find out what happened when we moved the object closer or further away from the light source. We found out that when the object is closer to the light source, the shadow gets bigger. When the object is moved further away from the light source, the shadow gets smaller.

Shadow Puppets 🖐️🦖🌲

Today, Crew Hamill had an amazing time continuing our learning about light in Science. We investigated how shadows change by creating our own shadow puppets, casting shadows against the wall with our torches. You can see some of the shapes we made in the pictures below.

What are shadows and how are they formed?

Today we learnt that shadows are formed when an opaque object blocks the light from the sun. Shadows are the shape of the object, are bigger than the object and shadows can be different sizes. When you move back the shadow gets bigger. We used a torch to see if we could create our own shadows around our classroom.

How does light travel and reflect?

Crew Hamill worked in pairs this afternoon to investigate how light travels when it hits a reflective surface. We tested our previous knowledge in which we learned that light travels in a straight line to see what would happen when it was travelling towards a surface that it would reflect off. We found out that the light hits the reflective surface and bounces off, changing direction.

How does light reflect?🔦

This afternoon, we investigated how light travels. We used a torch and a mirror to see how it reflects. We placed the mirror at the bottom of our page and drew the line following the reflection. We could see that light travels and is reflected in a straight line.

Does light travel in a straight line?💡🔦

This afternoon Crew Hamill and Crew Thompson worked together to complete an investigation. First, we made a prediction about how light travels. We then used torches and string to see how light travels. We found out that light travels in a straight line and doesn’t bend round objects. We are going to continue our investigations over the next few weeks and can’t wait to find out more about light.

DRAX visit for UKS2

A great day at DRAX exploring the power station! Tomorrow we will reflect on the trip, thinking about what we observed and discussed and how it links back to our guiding question. We hope todays visit will also help us to answer our guiding question 🙂