Music – Crew Mcloughlin 🎶

This week we have continued our exploration of ‘Hey, Mr Miller’. We started by completing a vocal warm up focusing on scales and arpeggios – this helped us to exercise, not only our vocal chords, but also our facial muscles and mouth.

We looked at the word rhythms of select lines from the song, and working in small groups, clapped out the rhythm being sure to think about any pauses, as well as working hard to ensure each member of the group was in time. Once we had practised in our groups, we layered each of the lines so that every group was performing at the same time. We then added in the element of untuned percussion instruments in place of clapping the rhythm to create an ostinato. We worked well in our groups to make sure that every member was in time – it was tricky but the more we practised, the better it sounded! It was really lovely to see some children naturally falling into the role of a conductor, ensuring everyone knew what they were doing and that everyone stayed in time. Special shout out to Lydia B who did a fantastic job of conducting her group, whilst also playing her instrument at the same time!

TTRS battle in KS2

Our timestable rockstar day ended with quite the battle! Crews battled against each other to gather points in the hope their crew would make it to the final! There was great encouragement by all and it was lovely to see the improvements in our timestable knowledge! A big well done to everyone that took part 🙂 A big shout out to Crew Boswell who made it to the final! And to the 2 children who beat Mrs Ibbotson!

French – Crew Hamill, Crew Thompson and Crew Mcloughlin 🇫🇷

During French, we have been looking at ways to communicate feelings. We looked at the new vocabulary before playing a number of different games to try and better our understanding. First, we played ‘Thumbs Up’ which involved us working with a partner to hide gestures representing each feeling ‘I am good, I am very good, I am sad, I am very sad, and neither good nor bad’. Our partner had to guess, in French, which gesture they thought we were hiding behind our back before it was revealed to us! We then played a game of ‘Captions’ where we had to listen carefully to the phrase that Miss McGlone said. We then had to choose the correct picture from around the room to go and stand by that we thought was the matching image to the phrase. To finish our lesson, we had a go at applying all of our knowledge so far in the form of a conversation.

In Crew Mcloughlin, we deepened our understanding of feelings in French by working with a partner to practice our pronunciation. One person pronounced one of our new phrases whilst the other drew the matching face. If the face was correct, the drawer got a point. If it was incorrect, the speaker stole the point for themselves!

The Write Stuff✍🏻📖

Crew Mcloughlin are throughly enjoying our new writing stimulus, which is The Lorax! Read on to find out what we have been getting up to in writing this week.

We then went on to grammar day 1 where we focused on applying cohesive devices. We were all really successful and had lots of sentences to use in PP1.

Check it our chotting and some of our PP1 writing…

Challenge Crew🛫

Yesterday was a successful crew session, it was the first challenge crew where every child applied what they have learnt in other crew sessions around team work, such as respectfully disagreeing, valuing everyone’s opinion, compromising and communicating. They blew me and Mrs Rhodes away! Keep it up Crew!