World Book Day Fun

Pupils enjoyed an interactive world book day in Crew Haigh, we shared book, sensory stories and especially enjoyed making sandwiches for our tea party

Transition Day – Crew Hamill

I had so much fun meeting my new crew on transition day! We had lots of fun taking part in team building games and I challenged them with a few activities that would give me an insight into where they are at with their writing and maths. I’m excited to get started properly next academic year!

KS1 Sports Day 2024 – Yellow Group

Although the sun wasn’t shining, yellow team oozed with warmth! Myself and Miss Burge were so proud of our team! From the youngest members who had not completed a sports day of this length to the oldest members who supported and encouraged them! We really did showcase the meaning of Crew!

Scotty’s – Fire Building

We extended our fire building skills in Scotty’s this week by building a safety wall to protect our fires from the wind. We then had another go at keeping our fires burning. One group were extremely successful in building theirs and even created some smoke! Well done to Zach who earned our Scotty’s Hero for his excellent recall of what a fire needs to survive!

Scotty’s – Fire Building

Crew Hamill had so much fun at Scotty’s yesterday! We were taught all about the triangle of requirements for a successful fire heat, oxygen and fuel. He then showed us how to build our own fire pit and how to use a cotton wool ball and a flint to generate a fire. We all got to have a go using the flint which we found exciting! Although a few of us managed to generate a spark, we weren’t as successful as the leader at getting the fire started – he did it first time, every time! We then used the skills he taught us to add sticks to the flame to begin building the fire. We didn’t manage to keep the fire going for long but we’re hoping to extend our skills next week to see if we can keep it going for longer and build it even bigger.

Scotty’s Heroes

Today, Crew Hamill learned how to take part in a patrol. We discussed that this was about walking together, with a shared mission, but keeping far enough apart to protect others in our patrol team and ensure we weren’t being followed. We then had to patrol through our outdoor area and hunt for objects that had been hidden around. This meant we had to use our observational skills and really concentrate on the patrol we were taking as some of them were extremely tricky to spot! A big shout out to Taylor for earning Scotty’s Hero for this week!

Giant’s Keys – Crew Building

In crew, we played a game called ‘Giant’s Keys’. The ‘giant’ was sat on a chair in the middle of the circle, with their keys underneath. One person in the circle had to quietly steal the keys. Once they had successfully been stolen, we all put our arms behind our backs before the giant tried to guess who had stolen their keys!