World Book Day Fun

Pupils enjoyed an interactive world book day in Crew Haigh, we shared book, sensory stories and especially enjoyed making sandwiches for our tea party

Monday crew- Earth day!

In crew this morning, we celebrate Earth day and found out it’s theme this year is planet vs plastic. We was really excited to find this out as we managed to use our recent expedition knowledge (final product) to support our thinking. We know lots of ways to protect our planet such as, recycling, using less plastic, using bikes, turning off the taps, turning off the lights, planting trees and reduce our waste. We then completed a sorting activity based on what things are good for the planet and what things are bad for the planet. We need to protect our planet everyday, not just on Earth Day as there is no planet B!

Celebrating our HoWLs

Crew Marsh laughed and bounced their way through the inflatable course and slide. We work so hard to ensure our HoWLs are of a high standard and look forward to celebrating our achievements in such a fun way! Crew doesn’t stop when we’re having fun, the children worked together as a team offering praise and encouragement to their peers who found it tricky! Especially Miss Holdsworth, she needed the crew to help her reach the top of the slide and everyone’s resilience paid off! It was such great fun!

Easter Egg Hunt

Crew Hamill had SO much fun taking part in the school easter egg hunt today! The first clue was delivered to our classroom which led us to five other clues hidden around school. We were able successfully follow the clues all the way to the office where our final clue contained a riddle! We solved this riddle successfully and have earned ourselves a eggcellent prize – a cadbury cream egg each!! Can you solve the riddle? “I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?”

What makes us happy? ☺️☀️

In our mindful crew session this week, we looked at how sometimes we can feel lonely. We had a great discussion about what feeling lonely meant and how we can do things which can make us feel less lonely. We then chotted these ideas down on a sheet. It was lovely to see the things that we can do to make us feel happy 😃🥰

Crew Challenge!

This morning in crew, we were challenged to build a tower in small crew circles using different resources. One crew used wooden blocks and the other crew used duplo. Miss Welburn also set us a HOWLs challenge to make sure that we were all working hard by showing we were involved and taking part in the challenge. We worked really well in our small crew circles and we built some fantastic towers! We also worked really hard to make sure that everyone was involved and taking part. Well done Crew MW!

Challenge crew in MI

We completed this challenge a few weeks ago and this week the roles were reversed so our partners got a chance to draw. We took part in the blind picture challenge 🙂 We really thought about our previous debrief and the feedback we gave to each other in order to make this challenge more successful. There was some great communication throughout the challenge where partners remained calm, giving instructions that would support partners to draw the picture effectively. A great crew session this morning 🙂

Challenge Crew ✍🏻🏡

During this morning’s challenge crew, we were divided into pairs and challenged to use our listening and instructional skills. One person in the pair was shown a picture and they had to give instructions to their partner on what they needed to draw, without telling them what the picture was going to be. We all guessed pretty quickly that it was a house but not all of us got close enough to the actual image. Which picture do you think is closest?

Caring Crew in MI

Today we thought about how we feel in certain situations and how we can regulate our thoughts and behaviour. We worked in smaller crews to think about what makes us happy. We drew our ideas in thought bubbles then shared them with the whole crew. We then did the same for the emotion sad and compared our ideas. We then compared to the emotions anger and calm. From here we played an emotions game where effective communication was key. We moved around the board sharing times where we have experienced each emotion. During our debrief we discussed why thinking positive thoughts is so important and why having a positive attitude is key. We linked to our howls here and discussed when we have done this.