Book Talk

In Crew Hamill, we have shifted our focus from fiction to non-fiction and have started a new book called Vulture Culture. To begin the week, we made a list of things we noticed about the pictures that were within the book – the title page and front cover. We then used this information to make a prediction about what may be included within the book. We decided that because it was non-fiction, it would be full of facts and real life information about vultures. Once we had done this, we looked a little deeper and read the book introduction. This told us a little more about what to expect in the book and we chotted some ideas of what other information we would like to find out about vultures as we read the book. Following this, we looked at the main vocabulary within the book and identified the meaning of some of the tricker vocabulary we would come across. By doing all this, we were able to read the book fluently as we had already looked at the tricky vocabulary and knew how to say the words correctly. Finally, we have worked in pairs to complete Fastest Finger and Have a Think questions about the book.

Crew MW’s World Book Day Celebrations 📚

Crew MW had a wonderful day celebrating World Book Day today. We started our day with a ‘guess the story’ quiz which we were fantastic at! Then we had a little costume parade and a crew photo to show off all of our costumes. After working hard on our own reading in phonics, we got to share a new story together, which we voted for as a crew – Puss in Boots! We really enjoyed this story and it made us laugh how the cat tricked everyone and helped his poor owner to become rich! We really enjoyed our World Book Day celebrations!

Crew Marsh celebrates World Book Day 2024 📚

Today we had a variety of costumes in Crew Marsh to showcase our favourite characters. We listened to a range of stories and one of our favourites was “There’s a Dragon in your book” by Tom Fletcher. We really enjoyed this story because it was funny and we were all able to join in by using our imaginations it was great fun…just how reading should be! 📕❤️

Hooking in to Case Study 3

This morning, we had a video from our school office from the cameras in school. We’d had some visitors last night in our classroom…A group of gingerbread people had snuck through our class and are hiding somewhere in school! We worked out that the next book that we will be looking at is the Gingerbread Man! We read through the story and joined in with the familiar phrases. We are really excited to explore the story and to answer the guiding question, ‘How can we help the gingerbread man to cross the river?’

Crew MW library visit 📚

Today we visited one of our favourite areas of school… the library! 🥰 Very kindly, Harlow brought in one of her lovely books from home ‘Peppa goes to London’ and we decided to take that with us to read as we got comfy in the library.

Before we left, we chose a book from the basket to take back to the classroom to read during snack time later on this week.

Storytelling Week 2024 📚✨

To celebrate Storytelling Week 2024, Crew MW enjoyed many stories, discussions about stories and even a pyjama day! During crew, we discussed what our favourite stories were and then tried to guess the story based on a description from Miss McGlone. We were able to recognise all the stories apart from one – The Magic Porridge Pot, so we decided that at snack time we would listen to that story to familiarise ourselves with it! We noticed that porridge was a familiar theme as we have been looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears in expedition too! We’ve been working hard on the stories we hear in expedition by using props to act the story out, as well as being able to work on our retelling skills.

On pyjama day, Keenan brought in a copy of his favourite story – Finding Nemo, so we enjoyed listening to it whilst snuggled in our pyjamas. We really love stories and we listen to a different story every day, sometimes more than one!