Book Talk 📚📖

Today was our second Book Talk lesson looking at the poem, ‘My Own True Family’, taken from the book ‘My Heart Was A Tree’ by Michael Morpurgo. We recapped the purpose, audience and genre at the beginning of the session and then moved on to delve deeper into the features and vocabulary that had been used.

A gingerbread house in the woods?

After reading the next part of Hansel and Gretel we learnt that Hansel and Gretel came across a gingerbread house in the middle of the woods. It had icing on it and lots of sweets. We created our own gingerbread houses in mini crews and had a competition to see who was the best voted by our parents. It was sticky work but we enjoyed eating it.

The Lady of the lamp 🪔

In today’s experience lesson we read about how Florence Nightingale looked after the poorly soldiers when it got dark. We learnt she was also called the lady of the lamp as she carried a lamp around with her in the evening. In our experience lesson we all created our own lamp to be able to be just like Florence. It was a tricky cutting and sticking task but we all followed the instructions.

Hide and seek experience lesson

The children played a game of hide and seek, whereby the children pretended to be Vlad the flea and hid in the hospital to make sure the adults (Florence Nightingale and the nurses) could not find them and kick them out of the new nice clean hospital. We then acted out looking after the poorly soldiers and gave them the medical care that they needed.