Ancient Egyptian BBK

On Monday afternoon, we used the Children’s University of Manchester to develop our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians whilst improving our digital literacy. This was really interesting and we learnt loads of new things (some of us even wanted to read up more about what we’d looked at on Myon)!

Book Talk – The Great Chocoplot

In our book talk lessons this week, we started a new book called “The Great Chocoplot” by Chris Callaghan. First, we started off by completing a jigsaw of the front cover. We then discussed what we thought the book may be about, whether the book would be a fiction or a non fiction book and how we know this. We came up with some fantastic ideas such as “the girl on the front cover might have stole a chocolate bar and they are investigating it. We then read some of the book, text marking any important information and words which we don’t understand. We read around the word and looked at the root word to unpick these words.

New Reading Challenge! Who will earn a golden ticket?

“I’ve got a golden ticket!” – Who will be able to say these 5 magical words by the end of Summer Term?! Crew Hamill have been challenged again to read at home and this time, there will be FIVE winners! The first 5 to reach the golden tickets at the top of our challenge, by reading 30 times, will receive a special reward (that may or may not involve a chocolate baking treat). It’s been so lovely to see the engagement from the children already in this challenge! Lots of children’s names are moving up the oompa loompas and heading towards golden victory!

Our tower – where are the leaves coming from?

Today we experienced the next part of our book and looked at what we saw out of our tower, we could see lots of leaves blowing from the park that is on the out skirts of the grey, dull city. We watched them blow passed us and created our own green leaf. We then made a pack lunch to take with us on our adventure to find where the leaves were coming from. We enjoyed our jam sandwich outside under the tree.

Our tower

Today we started our new book in writing called “Our Tower”, the book started with a girl who was walking through a tall, grey and dingy city. She did not feel very happy and it was raining so she was soaked!

We experienced the miserable weather and built our own skyscrapers for our own city. We especially worked on our adjectives in todays lesson to help us to describe what we could see.

Book Talk

In Crew Hamill, we have shifted our focus from fiction to non-fiction and have started a new book called Vulture Culture. To begin the week, we made a list of things we noticed about the pictures that were within the book – the title page and front cover. We then used this information to make a prediction about what may be included within the book. We decided that because it was non-fiction, it would be full of facts and real life information about vultures. Once we had done this, we looked a little deeper and read the book introduction. This told us a little more about what to expect in the book and we chotted some ideas of what other information we would like to find out about vultures as we read the book. Following this, we looked at the main vocabulary within the book and identified the meaning of some of the tricker vocabulary we would come across. By doing all this, we were able to read the book fluently as we had already looked at the tricky vocabulary and knew how to say the words correctly. Finally, we have worked in pairs to complete Fastest Finger and Have a Think questions about the book.

Reading Challenge Winners

Now that we are at the end of another half term, it was time to reveal the winners of our reading challenge. Crew Hamill have worked really hard to move their polar bears across the ocean in order to get them to the safety of the ice berg. This half term, we had two winners:

  1. The person who read the most times at home – Luke Byram.
  2. The person who has shown the greatest improvement in their attitude to learning – Kyla Smith.

Both of our winners received a Herbie Hedgehog reward! Happy Easter 🙂