This week in Crew MW, we’ve been learning all about the Hindu festival of light – Diwali! We’ve explored how Diwali is celebrated through looking at photographs and videos, and we have seen that they set off fireworks as part of their celebrations, just like we do on Bonfire Night!

After we had looked at our photos and the videos, we had an exciting visitor! Miss Shelley came in to do a Diwali dance workshop with us all! We had so much fun and learnt lots of new dance moves!

After our Diwali dancing, we looked at Diva Lamps and thought about how we could make these out of clay. We rolled the clay into a ball, squashed it down and then used the end of a rolling pin to make indentations for the candle. Once we had shaped the lamps, we used the clay tools to create patterns on them. We can’t wait for them to dry out so that we can paint them!

In provision, we have also been using the beads, pasta and coloured sand to make Rangoli patterns! We’ve loved learning all about Diwali!

RE in Crew MI

In RE, we looked at what generosity and greed look like today. We watched a video which told the story of the widow’s offering where a widow gave all that she had to the church. We discussed this act of generosity and thought of other ways we could show generosity and kindness.


Today we continued with our work on Christianity. We looked at a variety of pictures, thinking about what we could see. We then discussed the pictures in more detail thinking about how some of the pictures related to Christianity. We then became detectives where we tried to make links between the items and thought about the importances of each item. Oliver said, “some people believe God created the world”. Leyland explained, “there’s angels, people believe they carried God to heaven”.

We then explored what each symbol meant, our knowledge around why a cross was a symbol of Christianity was amazing! We also thought about all the good things about being a Christian. What a fantastic lesson this was! Such great collaboration and discussions taking place 🙂

Religious Education

Today, we were learning the basic beliefs of three main religions: Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. We researched the main beliefs of each religion and then had our memories tested by having to match the key beliefs to the correct religion. Once we’d matched them, we used them to create an informative poster. We did really well gathering facts on our whiteboards to help us with this.