Why do we pray?

This afternoon in RE, we discussed the reasons why people pray. It was great to hear the children come up with so many reasons and discuss who the people are that they go to in times of worry or when they need assistance. We also had mixed opinions as to whether they though prayer helped. We’ll look forward to exploring some examples of prayers in the next lesson.

What is a mosque?

This afternoon, Y2 explored videos and reading to understand what what we would find inside a mosque. We labelled the different areas of a mosque and learned what each area was for.

Our exit ticket was to discuss, ‘Why might it be helpful for Muslims to meet and spend time together?’

George said, ‘People won’t be lonely because they will be with friends. They could also teach each other how to pray.’

Alissa said, ‘They could meet new people.’

Harry said, ‘Their God would want people to be together and to be happy.’

RE in Crew MI

This week, in RE we learnt what happens in a Mandir which is a Hindu place of worship. We watched several video clips and learnt about their different Gods and Goddesses. Did you know that Hindus worship in a Mandir but also have a shrine at home?

RE in Crew MI

In today’s lesson, we learnt more about worship but focussed on the differences between Anglican and Baptist churches. We watched a couple of videos and then sorted features to match the churches. We then drew pictures to represent what we had learnt.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… ♱⛪💕

In RE, today we have been thinking about ‘WWJD’ – What Would Jesus Do? We understand that many Christians follow this daily in their practice and even wear jewellery such as bracelets and necklaces to remind them of this, as well as to help them to work out different situations that are tempting or difficult as well as challenging dilemmas.

In Crew Boswell, we discussed why Christians may do this and how it might help them to live their daily lives and make the right choices and avoid temptation. We further discussed how Christians also use resources such as The Bible and Prayer to support them with challenging aspects that appear in day to day life.

We then looked at some different scenarios in groups and thought about the right and wrong thing to do and ultimately What Would Jesus Do (WWJD), what would modern day Christians do and what we would do in each situation. We had some interesting discussions and it certainly made us reflect on our behaviours. At the end of the session pupils shared that they had learnt to ‘think before I act’, ‘treat others as I would want to be treated’, ‘help others in need even if we aren’t friends’, ‘be kind’, ‘do what’s right’. It was a great session and we all learnt something!

What is love? 💕

Today, in Crew Boswell, during our RE lesson we began to think about what love really is. We began the session by looking at some popular quotes from the Bible such as, ‘love is patient, love is kind’ that often people share at Christian celebrations in churches such as weddings. These quotes really got us thinking about what love is, who we love, what love looks like, what difference loves makes to us, the community and the wider world, as well as what love isn’t. We shared our thoughts around love and recorded these ‘What love means to Crew Boswell’. We then each created a heart to show what we thought love was using drawings and writing.

RE in Crew Boswell

Today in RE, we learnt more about Jesus’ values and what impact they potentially have in the 21st Century. We discussed quotes and mission statements from Jesus and interpreted what we thought they meant. Some of the vocabulary was tricky but we worked as a crew to understand this. To finish we discussed our school mission and linked this to our HoWLs ‘Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind’ and discussed how we could make this world a better place.