Caring for our sunflowers!

This morning in XP Outdoors, we planted our sunflowers outside in bigger pots to that they could grow big and strong in the bright sunshine! We carefully took our plants out of their small plant pots, made a small hole in the compost and patted our sunflowers firmly into their new pot. After that, we watered them to make sure they had had a good drink, and now we will keep our fingers crossed that they carry on growing!

What can we find in the ocean?

Today, we introduced our Case Study 2 text – Commotion in the Ocean! We made our predictions and talked about what we could see on the front cover, before reading the story and learning all about the different animals that live in the ocean. Once we had read the story, we thought about some of the different creatures and animals we had seen and wether we would find them at the seaside in England, or if they live in the oceans around the world.

Exploring rock pools and the ocean

This week in Crew MW, we have hooked in to Case Study 2 – How can we help to save the ocean? We started off by looking at our tuff tray that had been split in half. We looked carefully at the tray and decided that half must be ocean and half was a rock pool! Once we had worked this out, we looked at some books about the ocean and rock pools, and talked about which creatures and animals lived in each habitat. We loved talking about which animal we had and where we thought they would live.

Getting Smart in Nursery

Today, in nursery, we looked at different sea shells and described how they felt. The children came up with lots of good adjectives like, bumpy, smooth, soft, hard, rough, spikey and white.

We also have been learning about number 1 and practicing our number formation in maths. We are getting smart at recognising numeral 1 and objects by themselves.

Busy week in Nursery

This week in nursery, we have been finishing our sorting topic in Maths. Some of the children practiced sorting the different chameleon pictures into their colours and sizes. The children enjoyed looking at the chameleon pictures and wanted to create some of their own. They enjoyed learning that chameleons change different colours and created lots of rainbow chameleons to show this.

We also are having lots of fun in our mini beach role play area with the different resources to play with including our ice cream shop and our sandy paddling pool.

Exploring seasides in the past

This week in expedition, we have been looking at what seasides used to be like in the past. We’ve explored lots of photographs and pictures and talked about what we could see in each one that tells us about the past. Then we looked at a mix of photographs and pictures and tried to work out which were old and which were new using the clues in the pictures and our own experiences. We found out that not all black and white photographs are old! Next week, when we have been on our trip, we will begin to compare seasides in the past and seasides now after we have all experienced the beach!

Earth Day – Seed Bombs

To celebrate Earth Day, we spent time in our XP Outdoors crew session making seed bombs!

We used flour, wildflower seeds, compost and water and mixed them altogether to create a mixture. We then took this mixture and rolled it into golf-sized balls and put them aside to dry. Once they are dry we will take some home but also plant some in our outdoor area at school. Seed bombs simply need to be dropped into soil and nature will do the rest. Over time they will turn into beautiful wildflowers!