How do we see?

During this case study, we have been learning about light and how the eye works. We were super excited this afternoon when we had the opportunity to see how the pupil works. We couldn’t believe that our eye does this without us even knowing.


Yesterday, we spent some time trying to do some redrafting with our independent write. This is a skill we find quite tricky but we showed more perseverance then we have done previously. This is a skill we will continue to develop as we move through year 4 so we are ready for year 5.

TTRS battle in KS2

Our timestable rockstar day ended with quite the battle! Crews battled against each other to gather points in the hope their crew would make it to the final! There was great encouragement by all and it was lovely to see the improvements in our timestable knowledge! A big well done to everyone that took part 🙂 A big shout out to Crew Boswell who made it to the final! And to the 2 children who beat Mrs Ibbotson!