Blind Tasting

On Thursday afternoon, we took part in blind food tasting based on foods the Maya would have eaten. Some of us were a little apprehensive about this due to the unknown. The foods we tried were avocado, chilli, lettuce, dark chocolate and tuna. As you can imagine some of these were a hit and others not so much. However, everyone gave them a try and tried to push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

Writing Speech – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

After having time to work alongside out partners to write speech, it was now time to write speech independently. We watched the video, took note of what was being said and by who before recording this in our books and punctuating it. It was lovely to see some children push themselves to green and experience with having the reporting clause at the start and end of the sentence.

Inverted Commas

In our writing lesson today, we had the opportunity to start creating a bank of speech that we could use in our writing along with our shoulder partners. We have become more confident with being able more the reporting clause. In our next lesson, we’ll work more independently to demonstrate our ability to punctuate direct speech

Mayan Masks

After starting to look at the Mayan timeline in History, we learned about the different masks that were worn by this civilisation. We learned that some masks were worn for celebrations, battle and even in death. Then we had an opportunity to design and create our own masks using known Maya masks as a template.

Maya Timeline

Our hook week started with us learning about the skills needed to be a historian and starting to learn some information about the Maya.

As part of this, we looked at the timeline and ordering key events. We had a reminder about the correct way to order based on BC and AD.

For BC, we order in descending order whereas for AD, we order in ascending order.