What does it mean to be British?

In citizenship crew we have been exploring our nation, Great Britain. We discovered our nation is diverse. This means there are lots of different people. Some will be the same as us and others will be different. It also means there are different places to visit and different things to do and experience. We concluded that diversity helps us learn and grow as people. It is something to be celebrated!

We then drew things that make us proud to be British, what makes our nation special. We drew pictures of Buckingham Palace, the beaches we visit, our lovely homes and our favourite British foods!

Lest we forget

As a mark of respect and to show our gratitude to those who served and are serving our country, we held a special presentation for Remembrance Day. The remembrance service was led by KS1 this year as they have been learning about the significant heroes during their history case study this term. We are so proud of the respect, compassion and remembrance shown by our children throughout the service. If you would like to take a look at our whole school art work and wreaths, it will be in the main foyer, next week.