What is love? 💕

Today, in Crew Boswell, during our RE lesson we began to think about what love really is. We began the session by looking at some popular quotes from the Bible such as, ‘love is patient, love is kind’ that often people share at Christian celebrations in churches such as weddings. These quotes really got us thinking about what love is, who we love, what love looks like, what difference loves makes to us, the community and the wider world, as well as what love isn’t. We shared our thoughts around love and recorded these ‘What love means to Crew Boswell’. We then each created a heart to show what we thought love was using drawings and writing.

Lest we forget

As a mark of respect and to show our gratitude to those who served and are serving our country, we held a special presentation for Remembrance Day. The remembrance service was led by KS1 this year as they have been learning about the significant heroes during their history case study this term. We are so proud of the respect, compassion and remembrance shown by our children throughout the service. If you would like to take a look at our whole school art work and wreaths, it will be in the main foyer, next week.

RE – Christianity ⛪🕯✝

This week in Crew FE we have been learning all about Christianity. We began the week by learning about Christians and what they believe. We talked about how they go to church to worship God, pray, sing hymns and celebrate. We looked at what items and who might be found inside a church including a priest, vicar or minister and what their role is. We also discussed the Bible (the Holy Book for Christians) and shared some of the Bible stories that we knew including the Good Samaritan. We also looked at the 10 commandments and shared our thoughts around these including why we thought they were important for Christians. We then focused on a ‘good’ Christian called Florence Nightingale. We found out lots of interesting facts about her including that she helped people during the Crimean War, set up her own nursing hospital when she came back to London and improved the sanitation in all hospitals. We then finished our week of RE by listening to some popular hymns 🎵 including ‘This Little Light of Mine’🕯and ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ 🌍 🌷 and thought about how the songs were linked to God and Christianity.

Final RE lesson in MI

Today we started to think about and understand why people stand up against injustice because of their religion. We started the lesson with a role play activity where we set up a bus style scenario. Children had to unpick where people were placed on the bus and possible reasons why. We then changed the places on the bus making some people stand. Again we thought about the reasons why and took ourselves back to our spring expedition. We then watched a re-enactment of the story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott. Once we had unpicked the clip and re-enacted the story in mini crews, we looked at some bible quotes and thought about how they related to the story and the meanings behind them.

We then worked with our partner to generate questions that we would ask the main characters from the clip. We thought about the characters feelings and motivations at the time, particularly why as a Christian, Rosa Parks felt it was important to stand up for her rights. We then took it in turns to be the characters in a hot seating activity.

Finally we worked in mini crews to create an interview with one of the characters but set in modern times, allowing the interviewees to reflect on the results of the Civil Rights Movement. A great final RE lesson in MI today 🙂

RE – Christianity

Today, we have been starting to explore Christianity and what would be important to families who are Christian.

We learned about the what the Bible is and even listening to a Bible story for children who weren’t familiar. One of the things we looked at was how their week may be different to that of a Christian and this is where we noticed that some children in our crew have very busy lives outside of school. However, we enjoyed hearing the things that each other’s families do as part of their family.

One of the main things we discussed was about how it’s important to respect the beliefs of others because we come from different backgrounds. In addition, we discussed how they are getting to an age where they can start to come to their own conclusions about what they believe and this may not always be the same as their friends.

Final word presentations to parents in MI

Myself and Mrs Ibbotson would just like to say a massive well done to all the children in Crew MI today that have delivered their final word presentations to parents, teachers and friends. We were blown away by the work that has been put into each and everyone’s presentation. You all showcased yourselves in such a positive way, reflecting on yourself as a learner, highlighting your strengths but also areas for development. We are so proud of the journey you have been on this year and can’t believe that you are all soon off to secondary school! There were many tears today, but tears of pure joy celebrating how wonderful you all are. We look forward to the next round of presentations tomorrow. Continue to be wonderful MI 🙂