Mental health week continues….

Today we explored how bullying can affect our mental health. We looked at different scenarios and discussed these as a crew. We conferred that bullying happens over a long period of time, continuously. We looked at the scenarios which led to discussions around how to treat each other to ensure we all felt mentally happy and safe.
– Koa suggested that by using kind words to our friends that everyone would be happy to come to school.
– Thomas said that if he saw unkind behaviour that he would talk to a trusted adult to help him.
– Evie said that if someone is bullied they might feel upset and lonely.
– Riley suggested that if we saw a friend being left out we could be kind to them and invite them to play a game.
I am so proud of how caring Crew Godley are!

Mindful Eating

In crew this week we have being looking at mental health. Today the children looked at food and had to take the time to appreciate each bite. They had some fruit and had to think about how it looked, taste, feel, hear, see an smell. so we used our senses to find these out

Mental Health Week

Today we kickstarted our mental week off exploring what our mental health is and how we can support it. Oliver had some fantastic ideas and said a good diet, good sleep and exercise would help keep our minds healthy. We thought about things we grateful for that help us feel happy.
– Lily-Ann said her sister and family made her her safe and happy.
– Thomas said his dad made him fell happy when he plays with him.
– Charlie said he feels better when he’s goes on his exercise bike!
– Eileen-Ann said she feels happy when she does yoga.
We enjoyed some mindful yoga to wake up our minds after a busy weekend.

Caring for our sunflowers!

This morning in XP Outdoors, we planted our sunflowers outside in bigger pots to that they could grow big and strong in the bright sunshine! We carefully took our plants out of their small plant pots, made a small hole in the compost and patted our sunflowers firmly into their new pot. After that, we watered them to make sure they had had a good drink, and now we will keep our fingers crossed that they carry on growing!

Challenge crew

In challenge crew, we had to use nonverbal ways of communication to give clues to others about the number on the card. Some ways we did this were by clapping or jumping. We then had to group ourselves into whether our number was low, middle or high. After a few goes we got really good at it.

Challenge Crew

This morning for Challenge Crew we worked in small groups to complete ‘The Group Hop’ challenge. This required us to use our coordination and communication skills. We worked in small groups and began by standing in a straight line, we then placed our right hand on the shoulder of the person in front of us and gave them our left leg/ankle to hold. We then had to see how far we could hop along together without toppling over! We then challenged ourselves to see who could hop the farthest! It was great fun but we definitely encountered a few hurdles! During our debrief we realised that communication was vital and that we had to work as a team to be successful.