What does it mean to be British?

In citizenship crew we have been exploring our nation, Great Britain. We discovered our nation is diverse. This means there are lots of different people. Some will be the same as us and others will be different. It also means there are different places to visit and different things to do and experience. We concluded that diversity helps us learn and grow as people. It is something to be celebrated!

We then drew things that make us proud to be British, what makes our nation special. We drew pictures of Buckingham Palace, the beaches we visit, our lovely homes and our favourite British foods!

Crew Challenge

This morning Crew Godley had a difficult crew challenge, especially as we weren’t allowed to communicate other than using facial gestures! Our challenge was to group ourselves according to our colour, the tricky part was that we did not know own colour. Kaison leadership skills were second to none, he was fantastic at leading his crew to success!

Road Safety Week

This morning in community crew, Crew MW looked at a lollipop person and what their job is. We talked about how they can help us to cross the road safely, and how we can cross the road safely if there isn’t a lollipop person to help us. We had lots of fun going into our outdoor area to practice crossing the road safely!

Remember: stop, look both ways, listen!

E Safety

In crew today we have been learning about the importance of keeping ourselves online. This is an aspect we have spoke about before as it is essential that we conduct ourselves responsibility online. We thought about how to keep smart online and if we were worried about something then we ~ stop, close and tell someone. We were able to identify some of the issues that we may encounter online and how important it is to speak to others. We then created some posters with ideas of how to stay safe online. 

The start of road safety week…

This morning we had a great crew discussion about road safety. We talked about how to keep ourselves safe when we are out and about especially about focussing on what can distract us and drivers. We also talked about what we needed to wear, where best to cross the road and explored the green code code. Finally, we played a game at the end to put into practise what we had learnt. Lots of us got 7/7!