What is a mosque?

This afternoon, Y2 explored videos and reading to understand what what we would find inside a mosque. We labelled the different areas of a mosque and learned what each area was for.

Our exit ticket was to discuss, ‘Why might it be helpful for Muslims to meet and spend time together?’

George said, ‘People won’t be lonely because they will be with friends. They could also teach each other how to pray.’

Alissa said, ‘They could meet new people.’

Harry said, ‘Their God would want people to be together and to be happy.’

Have a lovely summer ☀️☀️

Yesterday we celebrated another fabulous year at Carcroft School. We came together as a community to enjoy our annual family picnic and say goodbye to our Y6 children. We had a great time ☀️🥳

Many thanks go to our community for a great school year! We wish everyone an enjoyable summer, filled with fun and laughter.

Natural Maths

The children have been exploring in the outdoor area to find materials, working as a mini crew to create numerals from 0-10. It was such a fun maths lesson, we didn’t want to come inside!

“This was the best maths lesson ever, I wish we had 2 maths lessons today” – Harrison

Crew Robson Final Word

As we approach the end of the year, and our wonderful Yr2s are about to take on one final challenge – their Final Word presentations!

Thank you to those who have already signed up to come and share your child’s presentation. If you haven’t signed up or require another time please let me know and I’ll try my best to accommodate you. The children have worked really hard on their presentations and are excited to share them with you.