Have a lovely summer ☀️☀️

Yesterday we celebrated another fabulous year at Carcroft School. We came together as a community to enjoy our annual family picnic and say goodbye to our Y6 children. We had a great time ☀️🥳

Many thanks go to our community for a great school year! We wish everyone an enjoyable summer, filled with fun and laughter.

LKS2 Community Meeting 🥇🏆🏫📚

This week, we yet again, had lots to celebrate in our community meeting! We celebrated all of those children who have been reading at home the most in each crew! 📖 We also celebrated a ‘Star Reader’ 🌟 from each crew who has excelled in reading this week and they also had a yummy breakfast 😋 with Mrs Atherton yesterday! We also celebrated our ‘Learning Legends’ of the week 🏆 and it was lovely to see their grown ups here this week celebrating with them, they looked so proud! 😌 Finally we celebrated a member of Crew FE who wanted to shared an award that she had achieved at dancing! 💃 It is so lovely to hear about the children’s achievements out of school each week! 👏

RE – Christianity ⛪🕯✝

This week in Crew FE we have been learning all about Christianity. We began the week by learning about Christians and what they believe. We talked about how they go to church to worship God, pray, sing hymns and celebrate. We looked at what items and who might be found inside a church including a priest, vicar or minister and what their role is. We also discussed the Bible (the Holy Book for Christians) and shared some of the Bible stories that we knew including the Good Samaritan. We also looked at the 10 commandments and shared our thoughts around these including why we thought they were important for Christians. We then focused on a ‘good’ Christian called Florence Nightingale. We found out lots of interesting facts about her including that she helped people during the Crimean War, set up her own nursing hospital when she came back to London and improved the sanitation in all hospitals. We then finished our week of RE by listening to some popular hymns 🎵 including ‘This Little Light of Mine’🕯and ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ 🌍 🌷 and thought about how the songs were linked to God and Christianity.

LKS2 Celebration of Learning 🌍🎶🌊⛰🌋🏫

This afternoon marked the end of our LKS2 Expedition, ‘Earth Shattering Events’. To celebrate all of the learning that had taken place we invited parents, grandparents and other family members to join us for a special celebration in the school hall. Children sang songs, performed poems and shared interesting facts that they had learnt about earth shattering events such as, earthquakes, volcanoes and floods. The children were amazing and we were all super proud of them! 👏

Thank you so much to all of the grown ups who attended to support their child/ren, it was a great turnout! Also if you didn’t get the opportunity to buy one of our celebratory baskets that includes the book that the children created as part of their Autumn Expedition, then these will be available to purchase from Crew Thompson after school tomorrow!

Transition day – Crew Shields

Such a lovely day spent as our new crew. We’ve completed some crew challenges while also getting to know each other. Children made name cards as there were lots of new faces for me but I think I’d remembered them all by the end of the day. We’ve played chess, finding someone in the crew who like marvel films for instance, some inference and predictions about a story which lead to us discussing the moral of the story. This afternoon, children had to work together to get into height order and birthday order before finishing off with one partner drawing and the other explaining what they had to draw. ✍️

We discussed the importance of crew and some of the expectations for next year. We’ll be able to get these properly embedded when we return after the summer break.

I’m looking forward to a great year with year 4 and I’ve every faith they will be amazing. Exciting times ahead. 😊🤩

Music Madness! 🎶🥁🎵🎹👂

As part of our Case Study 3, linked to sound, we spent this afternoon in LKS2 exploring pitch and volume, creating different instrumental sounds, learning about how sounds are made and understanding the different parts of the ear that help us to hear. It was a very noisy afternoon (sorry Year 5!) but we learnt lots and also had a great amount of fun!