Edit and redraft! ✏️

In our writing lesson today, we have focussed on developing our editing and redrafting skills. First, we read the writing to see if it makes sense. Then, we checked it for features such as: capital letters, full stops, spellings, fronted adverbials and conjunctions. We discussed how we use purple pen to edit the errors in our work. Tomorrow, we will continue to write plot point 4 so we can put our editing and redrafting skills into practice.


As part of hook week, this afternoon we made some knucklebones. We moulded clay into small pieces and shaped them to resemble knucklebones. Then, we came up with some rules on how to play knucklebones. We are super excited to play the knucklebone game tomorrow!

Roman soldiers handbook 📖

This morning in our reading lesson, we started looking at a new book. First, we completed a jigsaw of the front cover and picked out the title and author. We then discussed the audience, purpose and text type of the book. I was blown away with the children’s knowledge about how we know if a book is non-fiction! We can’t wait to start reading this book and learn lots of facts about what it takes to become a Roman soldier!


Today we started our place value unit with a practical maths lesson. We used base 10 to represent numbers to 100. It was great to see how much the children knew about tens and ones!

Perfect, pictorial printing!

Today we completed our art project, printing! Over the last 3 days we have carefully designed our print, crafted the template and then printed it onto card. First we had to think about the design, something to represent us and our hobbies. We then meticulously added the string to our template, making sure we followed our design and had the string in the right places. Finally, we then painted the string on the design and printed it onto card. The results are fantastic and really show how hard Crew Thompson worked and concentrated. Well done! 🎉

Crew Thompson – First week back! 🎉

What a first 3 days back! This week we have been working towards answering our guiding question: What does crew mean to me? As a crew we have focussed on developing our communication skills and our ability to work as a team. We have done lots of different activities such as jigsaw puzzles, communication games and baking!

We created a crew bunting from leaves we found in the forrest. We worked together to collect lots of leaves and even managed to find some huge ones!

What a fantastic first week back in Year 3!