Sharing our story – EYFS bin stickers

On Friday, Crew MW went on a little walk around school distributing our final product bin stickers. The stickers will be stuck on the bins throughout school and as the children move through school they will always be able to see their work from this expedition. Whilst we walked round, we also spotted another final product displayed on the wall near the dinner hall – we loved the illustrations of the bees!

Continuing our story

Yesterday, we put our pirate hats back on to explore the next part of our story – Pirates Love Underpants! We used our climbing, crawling and swinging skills to explore the island before crossing a bridge that was really high up with snappy crocodiles underneath! We were very brave! Afterwards, we talked about how we had moved across the bridge using our action lens and verbs, ready to write the next part of our story.

EYFS Celebration of Learning

A huge thank you to the grown ups who joined us for our EYFS Celebration of Learning. We loved creating collages of pirate hats and mermaid tails with you, and we were really proud to give out our final products – bin stickers to encourage recycling within our local community.

Becky Green – an inspiration!

What a fantastic way to kick start our sport week with a GB Freestyler Kayaker! Becky Green inspired children this morning with her passion for kayaking, at such a young age she has achieved so much! Our children practised some key skills and exercises to get their bodies moving.