Exploring the weather

This morning, Crew MW took a little walk around the outdoor area of our school. We discovered that the frost had come! We explored the crunchy, frosty grass and then glittery frost on the tyres! We also found out that frost and ice makes everything a little bit slippery and we practised our skating on the tarmac under the climbing frame! When we walked around to the forest area, we also found that the water in the water tray had frozen 🥶 We talked about what will happen as the sunshine comes out and warms up the temperature, and we decided that the ice would probably start to melt.

Exploring a new resource…👀

Crew MW explored a mystery box this morning in outdoor provision…We began by predicting what might be in the box. Some of us thought there might be a giant teddy in there, or a pirate, or maybe even a unicorn! But what we found was some giant polydron pieces! We had lots of fun working together to build using the polydrons outside! We created a house and a tunnel with a trap door and we followed Miss Welburn’s instructions and positional language carefully to make the structures. We even worked out how to rotate the shapes around to make them fit together. The best part was pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs! We huffed, and we puffed, and we blew the house down! 🐷🐷🐷🐺

One more in maths!

Crew MW were exploring finding one more in maths this morning! We listened to a song about elephants and showed how many elephants there were using our cubes. Each time a new elephant joined, we used our cubes to show one more! We noticed that every time we added one more, our tower got bigger because the numbers were getting bigger.

Identifying the animals in Percy’s park!

We have been looking at the story of Percy the Park Keeper – After the Storm with Miss Welburn as part of our expedition learning. This week we looked carefully at the image of the tree filled with various animals from the park and worked with our shoulder partners to identify what we could see and how many there were of each animal in the tree. We shared what we knew about each animal before thinking carefully about the type of habitat they might live in. We are really excited to continue our work around animals!

Road Safety Week

This morning in community crew, Crew MW looked at a lollipop person and what their job is. We talked about how they can help us to cross the road safely, and how we can cross the road safely if there isn’t a lollipop person to help us. We had lots of fun going into our outdoor area to practice crossing the road safely!

Remember: stop, look both ways, listen!

Representing numbers!

In maths today, Crew MW have been listening carefully to the amount of sounds that they heard and counting these into their five frames. They used the objects to represent the numbers and talked about how many squares were full and how many were empty. I’m really impressed with how hard all of the children worked and how smart they were getting with representing their numbers!