Crew MW – Music

To continue with our unit on ‘Down there under the sea’, we recapped our physical warm up from the previous lesson. We then reminded ourselves of the lyrics to our song and used picture prompts to help us think about the content of each verse.

We then listened to the sounds of the sea being made using percussion instruments and thought about how we could use the instruments in our classroom to create similar sounds.

We represented seagulls, crabs and waves using different percussion instruments and performed as a class to create a seaside soundscape.

We finished the lesson by looking at the notes C-D-E on the glockenspiel. We worked hard to keep in time with our partner to play each note.

Crew MW – Music

We began work on our new unit of work called ‘Down there under the sea’ by first of all warming our bodies up, thinking about making big movements with our arms and legs to represent different activities you would do at the beach – swimming, surfing, making sandcastles, and jumping over waves.

We discussed lots of different sounds that you might hear at the beach, and thought about how we could represent or make similar noises using our voices. We talked about the noise of the waves, seagulls, a rain storm out at sea, as well as a foghorn blaring to help keep ships safe! We worked together as a crew to create short soundscapes for each of the sounds.

We then listened to and responded to a piece of music that represented being underwater. It was accompanied by a video that showed lots of different sea creatures and how they moved in the water. We responded by moving our bodies to the music in different ways and at different speeds.

We finished the lesson by listening to and beginning to learn our new song ‘Down there under the sea’. We listened carefully to the words and started to try singing along at the same time as the song, thinking about how we moved our voice up and down to sing different notes.

Jellyfish Art

This week, Nursery have been making jellyfish art using paper bowls, paint and strips of different materials. They painted the paper bowls using paint and when they were dry they stuck on lots of different shiny decorations and strips of materials to dangle to make the jellyfish legs.

Nursery had lots of fun getting messy with the different coloured paint and creating their jellyfish art work.

St George’s Day Celebrations

Yesterday, we spent our afternoon celebrating St George’s Day in Crew MW! We begun the day by learning about who St George was and what he did to earn a special day in England. Some of us then decided that we wanted to make a shield just like St George had while we were in provision. We got to work cutting the shapes out of the cardboard (although this bit was tricky and we needed some help), and then decorated our shields using tissue paper, pompoms, coloured pencils and feathers.

At lunch time, we had a special picnic to celebrate! It was delicious!

In the afternoon, we chose to make fearsome dragons like the one St George defeated! We followed the steps to cut out the different pieces, then joined them all together to create our scary dragons!

Crew MW – End of Spring 2 round-up

We did lots of exciting things during our final weeks of Spring 2.

We planted our own sunflower seeds and can’t wait to see how they grow! We carefully made sure that our seeds had enough compost before looking at our tiny seeds and even whispering kind things to them so that they would grow beautifully. We then made sure that they were well covered and we will keep checking in on them so that they grow into super sunflowers!

As well as planting our own seeds that will turn into flowers, we looked carefully at the different parts of flowers that had already grown. We talked about the stem, the leaves and the petals. We carefully dissected each of the parts, thinking about what they looked like, how the felt and we even smelt the petals! We then used the parts to create natural art. We also used some of the petals to add to our water tray to make beautiful potions and perfumes!

We also looked at the Easter story and talked about why Easter is important and the need for us to celebrate it many years later.

We spent some time admiring our beautiful work from this expedition that is now on display outside our classroom. We enjoyed spotting ourselves and our friends on the pictures, finding our work and talking about all the fantastic learning we have done this term!

Finally, we celebrated our fantastic Spring Term by inviting our lovely grown ups into school to our Celebration of Learning. We performed our song ‘Gingerbread Man on the Run’ before completing Easter crafts with our grown ups. We also shared our beautiful work books and talked about all of the hard work we had done this term.

A big thank you to all the grown ups who came in to share this event with the children – they have worked so hard and we are all so proud of what they have achieved!

A really busy, but really fun term! Well done Crew MW, you are all superstars!