Maths Week – Thank You!

Thank you to children, parents and staff for embracing maths week and taking part!  The homemade  costumes the children attended school in today were just awesome!  Again, thank you for taking part and giving time to create them! 

Please see the class blogs with photographs of the brilliant costumes!

Attendance Reminder

Please can we remind you of the importance of your children attending school. It has come to the attention of the office that a number of children are regularly missing school in particular on a Friday.

Please can you make every effort to bring your child to school every day. If medical appointments are required please try to make these at the end of the day, to prevent your child missing out of the school day.

If your child is going to be absent please ensure you call the office on 01302 722353 and leave a message by 8.45.

Thank you for your continued support Office Crew

Logo and Uniform update…

Dear Parents/Carers,

The Logo

As you are aware, the children have been involved in creating a new logo for our school, which will be launched when we convert to an XP School. This is not looking like it will be this academic year and is looking like it might be September, however, we will keep you in the loop with this.

The good news is…. we do have a new school logo ready to go when we convert which we are really proud of, which has been designed using the children’s work and taking into account the voice of our children. We can’t wait to show you!

However, we are not quite ready for the ‘big reveal’… just yet. Mrs Fox is working with the trust communications team to put together a video which showcases the journey we went on, in terms of the design process. When this is ready, we will share this with both parents and the children. We can’t wait to show you!


Parents have started to ask about our plans for uniform from September. I would like to propose a change of jumper colour from September, however, I am going to hand this over to parents/children to vote on and we will go with the majority.

I would like to propose that we change our school jumper/cardigan to red from September. The reason behind this is that I really do believe that a burst of colour really supports to create a warm feel in and around school, in particular on those dark, gloomy days in winter. I love to see a splash of colour in primary schools.

I have always liked the thought of a primary colour, such as primary blue or red, but have left it until we converted to an academy, as I knew that at some point this would be something we would do. I was tempted to propose primary blue, but Owston Park already where this colour and with them being less than a mile away, I would like us to have a different colour. Therefore, I thought red would be the better option.

Red jumpers, cardigans and dresses are available in Asda and are easy to get hold of, just like the navy. When considering a colour, I tried to ensure that I considered a colour that was easily accessible and also good value for money (can be purchased in supermarkets etc).

We have explored some options for jumpers and will be coming out to parents soon about the options.

However, standard round neck sweatshirts can still be worn like they are now, but we might also have the option of a hooded jacket. Like now, jumpers can be with or without logo…. this is parental preference.

Mrs Lythe is currently looking at trying to reduce the cost of logo embroidery if at all possible…. it would be lovely to see some more jumpers with our new logo on but we do know that they are costly. So, to clarify, our jumpers can be with or without logos, either are absolutely fine.

But the big decision is….

Do you want to stick with navy or are you happy to support our change to red?

Please complete the Google Form below to have your say. Voting will close next Friday, the 14th May.

We will share the results next week and will go with the majority. We will get the logo reveal and embroidery plans sorted so that parents can then begin to buy uniform ahead of September as we know that some of you like to be ahead of the game.


Miss Laing


Start and Finish Times (September 2021)

I am writing as a follow up to my website post sent out last week regarding the proposed changes to our start and finish times from September 2021.

We have had 33 parents complete the Google Form, which is approximately 10% of our school population.

Forms response chart. Question title: I have read the rationale behind the changes and.... Number of responses: 33 responses.

You can see from the above chart that 76% of parents who expressed their views shared that they are happy with the changes and 24% that shared that they were unhappy with the changes.

In addition to the 76% of parents who shared that they were happy to move forward, we also consider the fact that 90% of parents have chosen not to express their views, therefore, we do feel that the vast majority of parents are happy to move forward with the proposed changes.

Based on this, we have taken the decision to move forward with the changes, however, I will take some time to read through the comments from the few who have left one and will try my best to accommodate to support parents the best I can- it might be that I give you a call to chat through things if I do not feel we can support with your query.

I really do feel that the changes to start and finish time will really support our staff team to be even better versions of themselves, whilst not impacting on the progress of our children. Our school day is absolutely jam packed and the children are really being supported and challenged in terms of their academic studies, even more so as a result of the pandemic; I would not be changing the times if I really thought that this would impact on the academic progress being made by our children.

Please may I remind parents that if you do have any further queries around this matter, that the best way to communicate this is to give me a call at school or to drop me an email [email protected] and I will get in touch.

Thank you for your support regarding this matter, I will be in touch regarding any queries raised through the Google Form and will also be in touch regarding our wrap around care/after school club offer for September.


Miss Laing


Start and finish times…

Dear Parents/Carers,

Just a reminder that we are seeking out your views regarding the proposed changes to our start and finish times for September. These were sent out last week via our website (see post below). So far, we have 11 parents who have shared their views. I am keen to collate a few more, before I write to parents to follow up on any queries raised/confirm our final times.

Please can I ask that parents wishing to complete the Google Form, do so by the end of tomorrow. I will then write to parents on Friday to confirm our plans.

Thanks to those parents who have already completed this.

Miss Laing

New Page!

Have you seen our new page? Head to About us and check out our Careers at Carcroft page!

After School Club Questionnaire

We are looking to develop our after school clubs and would love your help.

Please complete the attached form to tell us which clubs you think your child would like to take part in.

Your feedback will help us plan clubs during the summer term and the next academic year.

After School Clubs

Thank you for your help!

NSPCC Number Day

NSPCC Number Day at school

Dear Parents and Carers 

Next week is maths week at Carcroft (4th – 7th May).  We will be celebrating maths and to do this we will be doing the following:

  • Each day you will be informed of a challenge you can complete at home and bring into school or send to your crew leader on Class Dojo.
  • Each day there will be a FUN maths challenge on the blog for you to complete as a family at home
  • Friday is NSPCC Maths day so we will be having a ‘maths’ dress up day or Non-Uniform Day with numbers (£1 donation)

Please see the school blog for links to the NSPCC maths day website, ideas for dress up and daily posts next week.

NSPCC website:


Mr Longley 

Here are a few dress up ideas. We can’t wait to see the ideas!

Number's up for Keighley pupils | Keighley News
Fairfield Primary School - Number Day!
NSPCC Number Day 2017 - Lawford Mead Primary School
NSPCC Number Day | The Meadows Primary School
NSPCC Number Day 2019 – South Park Primary Blog

We are proposing changes to our start and finish times and a new wrap around care option from September…

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to inform you that we are proposing a slight change to our start and finish times from September 2021.

I have been thinking about the start and finish times at Carcroft for a while now, in particular since we lost one of Assistant Headteachers, last Summer. One of our lovely AHT’s left Carcroft last summer in order to take up a role in a school closer to home; she had shared that since having her little boy, her mornings had become a struggle, with us starting at 8.25am.

I did start to reflect upon this last year, but unfortunately, with us being mid way through a global pandemic, it just wasn’t the time to make any changes. However, since December, I have started to plan ahead and do believe that September is the right time for us to make some changes to our start time and finish times in order to better support our fab staff team.

One of the hardest parts of being a Headteacher, is trying to ensure that all stakeholders are happy with the way in which the school is being led and managed; I have a duty of care to all of our pupils, but in addition, I also have a duty of care to our staff team too and at times, this can be a challenge trying to please everyone.

I am hoping that the changes I am proposing will not inconvenience our parents, will still cater to the needs of our pupils, whilst showing our staff team, that their well-being is important to us too.

We have a number of Teachers at Carcroft, who are also parents, and I do worry that at the minute, they are working incredibly hard to spin all of their plates, in particular on a morning, when they have to not only get themselves ready for work, they also have to get their little one/ones ready for the day ahead and then finally, have to prepare for a full day with a class of approximately 20 pupils (as well as ensuring that their support staff are well briefed in order to ensure the smooth running of the day!); I am sure you can imagine, this is no easy task when you have to plan and deliver 14 subjects throughout the week.

After school, a Teachers job is not done when the children go home. As a staff team, we have two working meetings per week, which usually run from 3.30-4.45. These meetings are professional development meetings, whereby we meet to discuss everything in which we are doing, in order to ensure that it’s the best that it can be for our children. Following these meetings, Teachers then go on to prepare their resources, creating, printing and trimming ready for the next day.

After much thought and reflection and testing out a model school day, I have taken the decision to start our school day at 8.40. This will therefore allow our Teachers the time to get into school, after organising their own childcare etc and set up for their day in class without additional stress and anxiety of feeling that there is not enough time.

In order to allow sufficient time for staff to plan, prepare and organise for the next day, we are proposing that our school day finishes at 3pm on a Monday-Thursday and 1.50pm on a Friday. This way, meetings can start 15 minutes earlier and can finish 15 minutes earlier, giving staff an additional 30 minutes per week to spend on planning and preparation after school.

I have discussed our change of school day timings with our Executive Headteacher from the XP Trust in order to ensure they he is happy that our school day allows us to provide a full broad and balanced curriculum for our pupils whilst supporting staff well-being, to which he was happy for me to move forward and share with parents.

I have attached a copy of the proposed model school day below in order to demonstrate the coverage of our curriculum across a school week. so that parents can see what our week will look like.

I am hoping that parents can see that despite slightly changing our timings, we can still fit everything into our school week, whilst ensuring that our fabulous staff team have the time to undertake their role to a high standard. Without our dedicated staff team, we would be unable to run our school and we want the best staff around in order to make our school the best it can be. I am hoping that these slight changes will support us in keeping the best team around.

I would be grateful if you could complete the Google Form in order to express your support or share any queries in which you may have. There are two options, one to express that you understand the rationale and are happy to move forward with the revised times and one where you can share you are unhappy and can share your reasoning as to why.

I will review parent voice and will ensure that I reflect upon any comments/queries and suggestions made before finalising the changes; I will be in touch in due course.

Wrap Around Provision and After School Clubs

I have also started to plan for our clubs to fully reopen after the summer break. In addition, we are looking to offer a wrap around care option for our working parents, something which we have been hoping to do for a while. This is the provision in which we are hoping to offer and would love to hear if this is something that would support/be of interest to you from September.

We are looking to offer a breakfast club from 7.30 at a small fee (to be confirmed).

We will also be offering 1 hour clubs until 4.15 (Monday-Thursday) at a small fee (to be confirmed).

Finally, we are going to be offering an extended after school club until 6pm (Monday to Friday) at a small fee (to be confirmed).

We hope that by offering these clubs, we can better support parents, pupils and our community as we move forward on our journey.

Please express your interest in our wrap around care offer/after school clubs by completing the form below.

We will be coming back to parents with our price list for clubs and wrap around and will be in touch with regards to booking places for September after our half term break.

Thank you in advance for your support. You may have noticed that Facebook commenting has been switched off, as the more efficient way for us to collate parent views is via a Google Form. It also means that myself and Mrs Lythe do not have to manage the Facebook feed/thread over the weekend as it cane become extremely time consuming.

Thank you for your understanding, have a lovely weekend.

Miss Laing