Monday crew- Earth day!

In crew this morning, we celebrate Earth day and found out it’s theme this year is planet vs plastic. We was really excited to find this out as we managed to use our recent expedition knowledge (final product) to support our thinking. We know lots of ways to protect our planet such as, recycling, using less plastic, using bikes, turning off the taps, turning off the lights, planting trees and reduce our waste. We then completed a sorting activity based on what things are good for the planet and what things are bad for the planet. We need to protect our planet everyday, not just on Earth Day as there is no planet B!

Experience Day – Charlie and the Chocolate factory

In our writing lesson today, we first completed a silent conversation and chotted down notices, actions and feelings that we could see in the pictures from the film. We then watched the clip of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and chotted some amazing vocabulary we could use in our writing. We even used the thesaurus to uplevel this vocabulary. After that, we then put parts of the film in order of which they happened. We did have to watch the clip a few times to make sure we got them in the correct order but this was a great way to get to fully understand the writing journey we will be going on.

Mayan timeline

Today, we looked at when the Mayan civilisation existed. First, we looked at what vocabulary would come up in todays lesson. We matched the vocab to the correct definition. This really got us thinking but we were able to use our knowledge from the Romans and make the links. For example, we remembered that Julius Caeser and Emperor Claudius were rulers of the Roman empire. We then consolidated our learning by sequencing the events. Then we placed the events on the timeline. We had a great discussion about BC and AD and how the numbers descend and then ascend.

Experience day in MI

Today we started our new writing unit, a narrative using a clip from Literacy shed which we absolutely love! The clip is called ‘Tadeo Jones’ and links to our new expedition.

First of all we thought about what a narrative is and what features are included. We then found these features in an example narrative. Next we rewatched the clip thinking about what the character sees, hears, smells and feels at specific parts in the clip. We did some freeze framing for different parts of the story as well as thought bubbles to express ideas at different stages of the clip. We then worked in mini crews to chot our own ideas for our senses before feeding back to the whole crew.

We then moved onto think about the main character. We created a role on the wall thinking about Tadeo’s personality and appearance. Our debrief allowed us to reflect on the features of a narrative and we pop corned expanded noun phrases that we had built to describe the setting earlier.

Measuring Millilitres

This morning, Crew Hamill began looking at measuring in millilitres. We learned that the capacity is the amount of space filled by something and investigated with measuring capacity of different containers. We had several containers, each filled with water. We poured the contents of these containers into a measuring jug and accurately measured the amount of water for each, identifying their capacity.

Adding money in MI

Today we continued with our maths block on money. We used our knowledge of pounds and pence to support our do now activity and also in our main maths lesson. We looked at how we add money amounts together thinking about the appropriate method. Is this written or mental? We thought about where the decimal point is and where our numbers need to go when using a written method. I praise the collaborative working in MI today, some great supportive partners 🙂

Hook Week in Nursery

In nursery, this week, we have been enjoying different activities to hook us into our new summer expedition. We read Billy’s Bucket, and talked about what we can do at the seaside and our past experiences. 

We watched a clip from The Little Mermaid and named different sea animals, then we looked at different pictures of other sea animals and saw how many we could name as a crew. 

Then, we began planting our seeds and beans ahead of looking at growing in a few weeks.