Line graph in Science

Yesterday afternoon, we recorded the results from our science experiment as a line graph. This allowed us to clearly see that the water on the radiator melted at a much quicker rate than the one on the table and one still in the freezer. We were able to make links with this to global warming and the fact the ice caps at melting at a faster rate due to the Earth warming up.

Finding pairs in maths

Last week in maths, we begun looking at pairs. We started off by taking items from a basket and finding our pair within the room. Next, Miss Welburn set us a challenge of pairing up all of the wellies from our pegs. We worked really hard to pair them all up and explained how we knew that they were pairs using size, patterns and colours.

Comparing and ordering angles in MI

Today we recapped angles from our lesson on Friday. We used our arms to make the 3 different types of angles we had learnt. We explained how we know if an angle is acute, obtuse or a right angle. We then applied our learning to some different questions, using our partners for support. From here we started to compare angles using the symbols < > = We named the angle first then used the correct symbol to compare. We then applied our learning to lollipop sticks and practised making and comparing angles with these. Next we looked at comparing 3 or more angles and then ordered them from smallest to the biggest. We applied our knowledge to a variety of questions then practised a little more with our lollipop sticks.