Blind Tasting

On Thursday afternoon, we took part in blind food tasting based on foods the Maya would have eaten. Some of us were a little apprehensive about this due to the unknown. The foods we tried were avocado, chilli, lettuce, dark chocolate and tuna. As you can imagine some of these were a hit and others not so much. However, everyone gave them a try and tried to push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

DT Hook Day

What a way to end a fantastic hook week! This afternoon, we took part in our very own ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ and followed a recipe to make cookies.

While they were baking, we then started to discuss what a healthy diet was and what the different food types were. Next, came the blind tasting…which got mixed reviews. It was great to try different foods and lots of us found something that we liked that we had not tasted before. Overall, a great end to a great week!

Tuna Salad tortilla wraps and a chocolate cacao drink!

Finally, we managed to construct our tuna salad wrap which contained many popular Mayan food such as avocado, red chilli pepper, lettuce and tuna. We was super careful when using or chopping and cutting skills to cut the vegetables for the wrap. We really enjoyed our wraps, they were delicious!

We refreshed ourselves after all our hard work with a typical Mayan drink! We mixed some cacao powder with warmed milk and a dash of chilli powder to replicate the ancient Mayas recipe.

Making tasty tortillas

In expedition this afternoon, we made our own tortillas after finding out these were a staple food in the Mayan civilisation. We worked in mini crews and worked together (putting or mass and capacity knowledge to good use) and weighed all the ingredients. We rolled the dough and fried it to make the tortilla. We are going to need the tortilla in our next lesson.

Ready, Steady, Chaos!

TGIF! What a way to end the week (although the cleaners might disagree). Thank you to the parents that were able to join us for our own merging of Ready, Steady, Cook and Funhouse!

The task was simple: bake cookies. The outcome was over two hundred baked cookies, some questionable stains on the carpets and an engaging, hands-on afternoon. It was great to see everyone (even the parents) getting involved and better to see the awesome collaboration between the whole crew not only to make sure everyone could make cookies but also to share out the ones that were ready before the end of the day. We may just have some future Bake-Off candidates lurking in our midst! If all this wasn’t enough, the blind food-tasting was also a great way to show how much of our food preferences come down to our vision and what a food “looks like” rather than its taste or benefits.

A final word from the parents. Have a great weekend!

Cacao Chocolate Drink.

Did you know that the Maya were the first people to turn beans from the cacao tree into drinking chocolate? Well, we were lucky enough to be able to sample a version of this today! We mixed some cacao powder with warmed milk and a dash of chilli powder to be able to try it for ourselves.

Ancient Maya inspired tuna salad wraps.

Did you guess what we were making? We used the popular Maya ingredients that we blind taste tested yesterday, along with the tortilla wraps we made today, to create tuna salad wraps! We worked carefully to cut and chop the ingredients we needed to add to our tuna – avocados, lettuce and chilli – and then added the ones we were comfortable trying to our freshly fried tortillas! Delicious!

Tortilla Making!

Following our blind taste testing yesterday, we continued with our hook week DT by making our own tortillas! The Ancient Maya people enjoyed making and eating delicious corn tortillas but we made ours with flour. We worked in mini crews to measure out and mix the ingredients to make the dough before rolling this out into tortilla shapes and frying. These were then used to go with our final product – Can you guess what we might have made? HINT: We used some of the ingredients from our taste testing yesterday…