LKS2 Biscuit Tasting

LKS2 had a very fun lesson where they were taste testing different biscuits. The aim was to think about what types of flavours and textures we liked the most, evaluating whether we would eat them again or not and the rating out of 10. We put to test 5 different biscuits – garibaldi, custard cream, shortcake, Bourbon and malted milk. It’s fair to say there was a mix of opinions, but most loved custard creams the most. Years 3 and 4 loved sharing their opinions and debating why some biscuits were better than others.

We will now collate our data for each Crew and put them into a bar graph. Our charts will show the favourite biscuit of Crew Marsh, Flaherty and Gerrard. 

Hook Day 3 (21.4.22) 🍬🍭

LKS2 had a morning of designing labels for their final product. Before completing this activity, we wondered what made a good logo/design. We had some great ideas such as bright colours, it being simple and eye catching.

We then watched Austin’s butterfly, to use the language of critique to help see how we could make ours and others’ work better. The children really took to this, as they provided clear critique for their peers to improve their labels. Their instructions were clear and you can really see the improvements.

Each class will have their own design and it will be very tricky to choose a class design for the labels, which will be used as part of our final product!

DT Hook – Crew Shields 20/4/22

We started the day by logging the types of food we eat day to day and then deciding whether these were healthy or unhealthy. Some of the children had BIG surprised when they found out some of the foods they thought were healthy were actually unhealthy.

Blind food tasting – the best part of the day for me. The look on their faces as they tried foods such as peppers, pickled oniond and dark chocolate. Great to hear some children say there were foods they’d like to try again like pineapple or kiwi.

Ready, Steady, Bake

Children were given a recipe, ingredients and then had to work together to make 3 ingredient sugar cookies. There were a few mishaps but they managed to make the cookies. There have been some people up this afternoon to vote for their favourite – the winning group will be revealed tomorrow…

Hook Week – Day 2 (20.4.22) 🍭🍬

Today, LKS2 have been fresearching the origins of sugar and how sugar usage has changed over recent years. It was interesting to see already that sugar hasn’t always had such a sweet past. We put this into a timeline. 

We saw how honey was the main source of sweetness to enjoy from 10,000BC, until about 8,000 BC when tribes in New Guinea chewed on sugar cane as sweet delight. We then saw how sugar turned to people treating others unkindly, as people became enslaved in sugar plantations.

Finally, we got an idea of how sugar is had an impact on our local area of Doncaster. This ranged from Brodsworth Hall, which was built and funded by the sugar trade right to Samual Parkinson’s creation of butterscotch. We found it interesting that sugar helped cheer up soldiers during the First World War.

Design and Technology day in MI

Today we started to think about how design and technology may link to our expedition. We started the day by unpicking our food diaries that we had completed over the easter holidays. We thought about which foods may be healthy and which are unhealthy. We then thought more about what makes a balanced diet. We looked at the eat well plate and the different foods we should be eating to ensure our diets are balanced. We enjoyed creating a class eat well plate.

From here we took part in a taste testing activity where we were blindfolded! We tasted a variety of foods and thought about if the foods were healthy or unhealthy. We thought about the taste of the foods and why we liked or didn’t like them. We thought about if these foods appear in our diets and if we needed to adapt our diets to make them more healthy.

We then looked at weighing scales and how we convert from grams to kilograms. We used the maths skills we had already gained on this area to help us. We then looked at the ingredients needed to make a batch of cookies. We worked in mini crews to weigh out all the ingredients we needed before mixing everything together. We thought about the ingredients we were using and if they were classed as healthy. We enjoyed eating our cookies at the end of the day!

LKS2 Hook Day 1 (19.4.22) 🍭🍬

Today, LKS2 have been figuring out their guiding question for the Summer Expedition. We played a game of hangman to figure out what it was. This was great fun trying to guess what it could be and we managed to get there!

After having the Guiding Question revealed, Why is the history of sugar not so sweet?, we started our KWL by writing down what we knew about sweets and what we would like to know. It was great to hear questions like why does sugar energise us, how does sugar melt in water and who discovered sugar? LKS2 can’t wait to find these out over the next few weeks.

Finally, Year 3 and 4 then watched some videos about how sweets are made. We were mesmerised by how rock was made, as well as candy canes. We even wondered if we would be able to visit a sweet factory or make our own. Keep your eyes peeled! 👀👀

Final Week of expedition – 1/4/22

Wow! It has been such a busy week in Crew Shields as we completed our final products. I was extremely impressed with the children’s dedication to bringing items in for their design. They conducted themselves in a mature and safe manner to ensure they kept not only themselves safe but also others.

I am beyond proud of how they have done and we’re super excited for you to see the final product! No doubt you’ll be as impressed as myself and Mrs Smith are with them.

Ks1 Artists

Today we have gone old school add a tie die effect to our recycled sculptures. Our jellyfish are really coming along nicely.