Ready, Steady, Chaos!

TGIF! What a way to end the week (although the cleaners might disagree). Thank you to the parents that were able to join us for our own merging of Ready, Steady, Cook and Funhouse!

The task was simple: bake cookies. The outcome was over two hundred baked cookies, some questionable stains on the carpets and an engaging, hands-on afternoon. It was great to see everyone (even the parents) getting involved and better to see the awesome collaboration between the whole crew not only to make sure everyone could make cookies but also to share out the ones that were ready before the end of the day. We may just have some future Bake-Off candidates lurking in our midst! If all this wasn’t enough, the blind food-tasting was also a great way to show how much of our food preferences come down to our vision and what a food “looks like” rather than its taste or benefits.

A final word from the parents. Have a great weekend!