Crew Boswell – Exercise

As part of our expedition, we have been looking at the impact exercise has on our bodies (especially our hearts). In this session, we took part in an online fitness workout to get our hearts pumping and really reflect on the impact exercise has on our bodies. We noticed that we’re all very different and exercise affects each one of us differently – and that’s ok. Now that we’ve learnt about the long-term benefits of staying active, we’ll definitely try our best to keep active!

Crew Boswell – Exploring Newspapers

In writing, we have started preparing to write our next piece. We will be writing a newspaper article about the book that we are currently reading. Our experience day was to spend some time reading, comparing and exploring newspapers – their style, content and appearance. Following this, we contributed our ideas to build a picture of what we noticed, what we liked and what we wondered about newspapers as a genre. We’re looking forward to building on these ideas to help us write our own article!

Crew Boswell – All About Blood

In expedition, we have been learning all about our blood – its purpose and how it is made. We’ve written about it, drawn it and discussed it (as well as acted it out). We enjoyed the Kahoot! we completed to consolidate all of our learning.

Crew Boswell – Peer Marking in Writing

In writing, we have been creating diary entries from the perspective of Cam through the events of Pig Heart Boy. We are enjoying this and had the opportunity to mark our peer’s work, which was a great way to help us identify the features of good writing (and to magpie each other’s great ideas)! Hopefully this will make the remaining plot points easier to write so we can show off the progress that we have made.

Crew Boswell – Book Talk

In reading, we have been looking at Pig Heart Boy. In this session, we considered why mum and dad were arguing and which side of the debate we fell on. We then looked at how Dr. Bryce added to discussion and thought about the pros and cons of the procedure. This culminated with us having a conscience alley, to try and predict which side Cam would favour.

Crew Boswell – Diary Entries in Writing

This week, we have started writing diary entries based on our anchor text, Pig Heart Boy. We’ve enjoyed the experience days. To help us understand the main character, Cam, we acted out some freeze frames from the book and tried to guess which part of the story each group had chosen.

Following this, we were in a position to start our writing. To help build our ideas, we completed a silent conversation so we could “all talk at once” and show our creative side! It’s much easier writing when we can magpie the best ideas.

All this planning opportunity has really helped us with our first plot point and we enjoyed being able to share what we’d written with our friends. Keep an eye out for our published work when we finish them!