Have a lovely summer ☀️☀️

Yesterday we celebrated another fabulous year at Carcroft School. We came together as a community to enjoy our annual family picnic and say goodbye to our Y6 children. We had a great time ☀️🥳

Many thanks go to our community for a great school year! We wish everyone an enjoyable summer, filled with fun and laughter.

Summer Celebration of Learning

A huge thank you to all the parents who joined us for the celebration of learning this afternoon. It was lovely to see so many of you there to share this moment.

The children have been amazing and they always do such a great job. I also love how so many of them take ownership of their part and learn their lines at home.

As mentioned, I am extremely proud of the work the children produced not only for this final product but all of them. A huge well done to them all.

Year 5’s fabulous final product of Summer 23. Enjoy.

Crew Challenge

Lovely little Crew activity this morning with Mrs Rhodes. Rock, paper, scissors where the children had to compete against each other and move a step when they won. If they reached the middle then they got the keep the crew member form the other team. The aim of the game was to get as many children from the other team.

Independent write

Last week, Crew Shields completed their last independent write of year 5. We used a video stimulus for our writing and had the opportunity to plan and chot before writing.

This was an opportunity for Crew Shields to showcase what they can do but also help highlight any areas for development for year 6.

Transition day – Crew Shields

Such a lovely day spent as our new crew. We’ve completed some crew challenges while also getting to know each other. Children made name cards as there were lots of new faces for me but I think I’d remembered them all by the end of the day. We’ve played chess, finding someone in the crew who like marvel films for instance, some inference and predictions about a story which lead to us discussing the moral of the story. This afternoon, children had to work together to get into height order and birthday order before finishing off with one partner drawing and the other explaining what they had to draw. ✍️

We discussed the importance of crew and some of the expectations for next year. We’ll be able to get these properly embedded when we return after the summer break.

I’m looking forward to a great year with year 4 and I’ve every faith they will be amazing. Exciting times ahead. 😊🤩

RE – Christianity

Today, we have been starting to explore Christianity and what would be important to families who are Christian.

We learned about the what the Bible is and even listening to a Bible story for children who weren’t familiar. One of the things we looked at was how their week may be different to that of a Christian and this is where we noticed that some children in our crew have very busy lives outside of school. However, we enjoyed hearing the things that each other’s families do as part of their family.

One of the main things we discussed was about how it’s important to respect the beliefs of others because we come from different backgrounds. In addition, we discussed how they are getting to an age where they can start to come to their own conclusions about what they believe and this may not always be the same as their friends.

Danny Evans

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of Danny Evans who is a professional basketball player. He spoke to the children about his journey and was very inspirational. It’s lovely to see that even when something seems impossible, you can make it comes true if you really want it and work towards it