Have a lovely summer ☀️☀️

Yesterday we celebrated another fabulous year at Carcroft School. We came together as a community to enjoy our annual family picnic and say goodbye to our Y6 children. We had a great time ☀️🥳

Many thanks go to our community for a great school year! We wish everyone an enjoyable summer, filled with fun and laughter.

Y6 Leavers Prom 2023🎉

Well we had a lot of yawns this morning in Y6 but it just shows what a good time we had celebrating! This wonderful evening wouldn’t have been able to happen without Michelle and Danielle. Thank you so much to Uncle Toms for letting us have the venue and providing us with a delicious buffet. Michelle you were a superb host, thank you so much for everything! Danielle (Lottie’s mum) for being so talented and creating our beautiful balloon hoop, everyone commented on how stunning it was!! Check out her page ‘The Events Alchemist’ Link is- www.facebook.com/giggles.n.glamp

Y6 leavers performance

What an incredible day Monday was! Y6 performed their leavers performance to the school during the morning then to their parents, carers and friends in the afternoon. What an incredible performance this was where children were able to showcase the wide range of talent they hold. We are so proud of everyone and you blew us away with an outstanding show. Well done Y6 and thank you to everyone who came and supported the event.

Crew Boswell – Reading Games

We have loved reading Holes in lessons this term. We enjoy developing our reading skills, the story but most of all, we love the games – especially when Mrs. Gilliland and Mr. Boswell join in! Today we played our version of Heads Up where we were given a character from the book and had to guess who they were from just three questions. Do you think you could do it with the next book you read or film you watch?

Crew Boswell – Working Together

In our final challenge crew, we carried on building our communication and teamwork skills with a few problem-solving activities. A hoop race and version of cops and robbers saw us thinking about strategies to become more efficient whilst ensuring we were all working to a common goal.