Science in MI

Today we started our science case study! We explored new vocabulary and thought about what we already know about the circulatory system! We then watched a video clip to explore how the heart works.

We also started our independent writing today. We built sentences on post it notes using the target grids we had created then started writing our first chunk. We tried really hard to think about our year 5 rubric.

Collaborative working in MI

Today we continued with our history work where we researched different illnesses as mini crews. We all worked collaboratively thinking about the two rubrics we had just discussed, this made us think more about team work and listening to others. After we had gathered our information we worked together thinking about how we would present our findings to the rest of the crew. Again we thought about our rubric and how we can engage an audience. We all presented extremely well, everyone participated and everyone listened well when the other groups shared their work. Finally, we applied our knowledge to a written task, here we showed all the learning we had just done.

Expedition Learning in MI

Today we started to compare The Great Plague with current medicine. We took part in an active activity in mini crews where we had to read statements scattered around the room. We had to decide if the statement related to The Great Plague, modern medicine or both. We discussed our ideas in mini crews then fed back our thoughts to the crew. We used the knowledge we had already gained to support our ideas.

Crew MI 5th May

Today we had some medical training on how to become a physician from the restoration period. We learnt about the 4 humours (blood, phelgm, black bile and yellow bile) and what an apothecary would have done to cure any ailments. We used a variety of exciting ingredients (dried fox hair, fresh herbs, powdered bones and bat blood) to create our own cures to treat different diseases.

Student Led Conferences in Crew MI

A massive well done to those children who took part in their SLC today. You really did showcase yourselves in the best possible light. I am so proud of how you all delivered even when you felt extremely nervous. All your hard work really did pay off! I can’t wait to listen to more tomorrow!

A busy day in Crew MI

We have had a busy but productive day in MI! We thought more about our reading text ‘At the sign of the Sugared Plum’ and looked at a variety of inference type questions which focussed on the first chapter. We worked well in mini crews to explore the questions, using the text to support our answers.

We then spent some time preparing for our SLC thinking about our howls and making pledges to help us move forwards. We are really looking forward to sharing these with you next week.

In maths we worked hard to explore decimals. We all did really well on our fluency questions with many of us moving onto reasoning and problem solving questions.

Our crew howl score is continuing to improve! Keep it up Crew MI.

Design and Technology day in MI

Today we started to think about how design and technology may link to our expedition. We started the day by unpicking our food diaries that we had completed over the easter holidays. We thought about which foods may be healthy and which are unhealthy. We then thought more about what makes a balanced diet. We looked at the eat well plate and the different foods we should be eating to ensure our diets are balanced. We enjoyed creating a class eat well plate.

From here we took part in a taste testing activity where we were blindfolded! We tasted a variety of foods and thought about if the foods were healthy or unhealthy. We thought about the taste of the foods and why we liked or didn’t like them. We thought about if these foods appear in our diets and if we needed to adapt our diets to make them more healthy.

We then looked at weighing scales and how we convert from grams to kilograms. We used the maths skills we had already gained on this area to help us. We then looked at the ingredients needed to make a batch of cookies. We worked in mini crews to weigh out all the ingredients we needed before mixing everything together. We thought about the ingredients we were using and if they were classed as healthy. We enjoyed eating our cookies at the end of the day!