Crew MI 11th-15th October

Crew MI have had a very busy week! In writing they have continued to work hard on their Harry Potter narrative which is now complete! The progress they have made has been incredible. We have tried really hard to use varied adverbial, relative clause, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and speech. As the unit has progressed, children have become much more confident when using their purple pen. They have acted on feedback, upleveled different sentences and edited their work. We are extremely proud of the writing produced.

In maths we have continued to work on our addition and subtraction skills. We have worked on using a written method and tried to solve problems where their are missing numbers. This caused us some challenges however we were resilient and never gave up. We also worked extremely well with ours peers to support each other when answering these problems.

In Reading we set up a conscience alley where we thought about positive and negatives about a topic. The children really enjoyed this and came up with some great ideas for debate!

We hope you all have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you all back in school in 2 weeks.

Mrs McClare and Mrs Ibbotson

Crew MI 8.10.21

We have worked hard to get smart this week across all our lessons. In expedition lessons, we have researched the Doncaster Plant works and created a flap book exploring the history behind it. The children have certainly enjoyed making these.

Our Harry Potter writing is really coming on to. We have been focussing this week on our sentence starters, relative clauses and subordinating conjunctions. We are really proud of our vocabulary so enjoy reading these examples…

As a crew we have been focussing on being kind and overall this has improved this week and we have lots of children being kind and praising others which has been lovely to see. We need to keep this up now. Next week we are going to continue to work on our listening skills and working together as a crew. Have a lovely weekend!

Crew MI 1.10.21

It has been a really busy week in Crew MI this week as we have been writing our next plot point in our Harry Potter writing. We have had to work really hard to to get smart with our grammar- trying our best to include subordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences. We are so excited to read their writing as their vocabulary and ideas get better each week. Watch out next week for some pics!!

In reading, we are still enjoying our book and are getting better at finding the answers in the text. We have even tried this week to annotate the story as we read so we are making sure that we are reading for meaning and can pick out key bits in the story.

In maths, we have been getting better at our place value of umbers up to millions and even solved puzzles with Roman numerals. In our magic maths sessions, we have been practising subtraction- we are getting so much better at this!

In our PE lessons this week, we have been practising our football skills; having more control over the ball when dribbling and even practising our shooting.

Next week we need continue to work on being kind to one another and making sure we’re listening to the instructions.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Crew MI 24.9.21

This week the children have really enjoyed their Mill day experience where they actually dressed up as children who worked in the mill. The children were given a profile of a child so they could really get into character. They got to experience what life was like for those poor children and became scavengers themselves retrieving cotton and wool from under a loom.

The children have worked hard with their Harry Potter writing this week and are really getting better at using adventurous vocabulary and including speech. Check out our sentence stackers…

As a crew we have really focussed this week on being kind. However, this is still an ongoing target in our crew so I am wondering next week if we continue to develop this and be kinder to one another.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Crew MI 17.9.21

We have had another productive week in Crew MI. We have made a fantastic start to our narrative in writing lessons, using direct speech, varied openers and description. We have started producing our sentence stacking display in the classroom using children’s ideas from their own writing. We can’t wait to get more sentences on there as we progress through our plot points. Our reading lessons have also been great, children are continuing to show great enthusiasm for our class text and are really exploring character feelings, vocabulary and thinking about using the text to back up our answers. Children have also been working hard in maths lessons, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We are still working on building our crew and we are continuing to think about kindness and ensuring we demonstrate this together.
Mrs McClare and Mrs Ibbotson

‘The Mill’ experience day UKS2

Hi all,

Next week, we are having an experience session in expedition to experience what life was like during the industrial revolution. Please can you pack a spare change of clothes for the children that you don’t mind getting dirty. This session will be either Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday so please pack ready for Tuesday. 

Thank you