Word Collecting

Today in Crew Welburn, we’ve had a focus on collecting adjectives for our writing. We are writing a description about our local area, so we took a walk to the park to listen to the sounds we could hear, and to describe what we could see. We wrote down loads of ideas and can’t wait to get writing tomorrow!

Crew Welburn, Crew Longley and Crew Godley Trip

As part of our Summer Term expedition, we would like to take the opportunity to take our KS1 children to the Beamish Museum in Durham. The visit will be a full day where the children will have the opportunity to see what school was like if they were five or six years old in the past. Children will also have the opportunity to discover the games of the playground and take part in an infant lesson in the kindergarten of a Victorian school. Beamish also presents a unique insight into the living and working experiences of life in the Great North offering unrivalled learning opportunities. 

Please ensure that children are wearing school uniforms and sensible shoes. Children will also need to bring a water bottle. 

The children will be provided with a packed lunch from school.

The trip is on Wednesday 15th June 2022. The coach will collect us from school at 8:00am and it will return at approximately 5:00pm depending on the traffic.

Children will need to be at school by 7:45am

Please note: All monies and consents need to be completed and paid via Parentpay no later than Wednesday 8th June 2022

The cost of the trip is £20.00. We are asking parents to pay £10.00 per child and the school will subsidise the remainder of the cost. Unfortunately, if we don’t receive enough money the trip will not go ahead.

We are looking forward to an exciting day. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. 

Yours faithfully,

KS1 Crew

Hook week in Year 1!

This week in Year 1, we’ve been hooked into our new expedition: Diverse Doncaster, Where do we belong?

We’ve had a visit from our expert, Geoff, who showed us our school and the surrounding area using his drone…

Then we discovered a time capsule full of objects and photos from the past!

And finally, we experienced what our school would have been like in Victorian times! We learnt all about the rules and what happened if children didn’t follow them. It’s safe to say that we prefer our school now, not in the past!

We can’t wait to show you what else we get up to in this expedition!

Ordering numbers

We’ve been working with bigger numbers in Crew Welburn this week – numbers to 50! We worked hard as our table crews to make the numbers we were given and to put them in order from smallest to greatest.

Crew Welburn’s Pancake Day!

Today, we used our maths lesson to look at weights and measurements, and to make delicious pancakes! We worked hard in mini crews to measure out the ingredients and to follow the instructions. We even learnt how important it is to get down to eye level when measuring liquids in jugs. We hope you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed eating our pancakes!

KS1’s Ocean Adventure

Children had an amazing time learning about the oceans, life in the oceans and sharks during their visit to The Deep today. 

We took a deep dive under the oceans in one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world 🌎 🐠 🦈🦑 🦀 

We enjoyed a fantastic workshop exploring creatures great and small which reside in the oceans. We also modelled some diving equipment – our teacher couldn’t believe how smart we were with the background knowledge we’ve already acquired within a week of launching our expedition. We worked hard which in turn made sure we extended our knowledge of the oceans. Our crews had had a wonderful time. They children were a credit to the school 😊Keep on eye out for TWITP for some more snaps of the day 🦈 

KS1 Visit to The Deep tomorrow 13.01.2022

Years 1 and 2 are visiting The Deep tomorrow, in Hull.

The coach will leave school promptly in the morning, we are aiming for 8.50am once we have all children in school and registered. Classroom doors will open at 8.25am in the morning to enable us to ensure the children are ready in time.

Please note, children MUST come to school in uniform, including their red / jumper cardigan. Children can wear comfortable, sensible footwear, for example, trainers or boots. Children who are on school dinners do not need a packed lunch, this is provided by school. The children have chosen their sandwich option.

When the coach returns to school we will take the children back to their Crew base to dismiss. This will ensure that all children are kept safe, as you will appreciate dismissing children from the coach onto a busy playground and close to a main road is far from ideal, so please be patient with us. Your children’s safety is our priority.

Welcome back KS1!

KS1 Crews were so excited to launch their new expeditions this week, ‘The Circle of Life – How will what I do today impact the world tomorrow?’

The children were hooked into their learning by working together as artists and sculptors to create their own own ocean dioramas, craft sea creatures and participated in a virtual author workshop to learn how to create some of the beautiful illustrations that we found in our core text ‘The Blue Giant’. We have some budding artists! Keep you eyes peeled for the finished ocean dioramas on Monday!

This week we visit The Deep, in Hull. We can’t wait to go on an ocean adventure!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone 😊