Crew Building in Crew Welburn

This week we’ve really focussed on kindness and building a positive crew in our classroom. We’ve shared words of kindness with each other every morning, and we’ve worked on our communication skills. We had lots of fun working out how to pass a ball around the crew without using our hands to build up our teamwork skills at the beginning of the week, and then today, we have worked together to build our own obstacle course in COJO. We even challenged our communication skills by blindfolding two of our crew members so that we had to give clear, careful instructions so that they could pass the balls along the course.

Crew Welburn’s Exciting Experience Day

Today in Crew Welburn, we’ve spent some time in the forest area experiencing what Little Red Riding Hood would have felt like, heard, and seen as she was walking through the forest to her Grandma’s house. We chotted our ideas in pairs and then shared these together ready to continue writing our story next week. We can’t wait to get writing!

Magical maths in Crew Welburn

Crew Welburn have spent the morning practicing their maths skills. We’ve been using manipulative objects to make numbers, to match objects to numbers and to order representations of numbers. Not only have we been working on our maths skills, but we’ve also been working in mini crews to build relationships, and to work on our sharing, listening and communication skills. We’ve had loads of fun and our HOWL scores were fantastic as a result!