Comic Relief in Crew FE!

The children have learnt all about comic relief and why we fundraise today. We have enjoyed coming to school in our non uniform and silly hair and here are just a few of our children raising funds for such a worthy cause.

We have spoke about fundraising and how this shows kindness to others who may not be as lucky as we are in their lives.

Well done everyone who took part.

Weekly update from Crew FE.

The children have returned to school after the half term break in great spirits this week. They have been finishing off their learning on Hansel and Gretel and how as a community we can support each other.

They were very excited to play and support each other in our own class shop. We found during crew a few of the children’s parents work at our local supermarket. So as a crew we decided to role play these community heroes in our very own shop. They worked hard to share resources, and work our how many pennies they would need to purchase their shopping trolley full of items.

Next they looked at other community heroes and discussed the local bin men and council workers. We found these people really support our community to look nice and ensure the streets are kept clean. We deepened our own understanding of rubbish and recycling. We found as a crew we could recycle lots of our daily rubbish. We sorted the rubbish into the different bins.

The children used the play dough to create 3D figures of these community heroes. They looked closely at the different uniforms and how we could spot different jobs by just looking at what a person wore.

We will be starting case study 3 next week and we can not wait!

Well done crew FE, another fantastic week of leaning. X

Shop Keepers of Carcroft!

The children within Crew FE have had a brilliant time in their own class shop. They have worked hard to use their fred fingers to sound out words to write a shopping list. They had to think about all the different things you could buy in a shop. They then used this list to shop for the items using the shopping trolleys.

The children had to walk around the shop collecting the items on their lists before paying the shop keeper using pennies. We were kind to each other and supported one another by sharing the items out and ensuring everyone was able to have some shopping.

We have had a great time!

EYFS Trip to Austerfield Study Centre.

The children within crew FE had an absolute brilliant day yesterday on their first school trip. After looking closely at the three little pigs during their expedition learning the staff at the centre devised several activities to further embed this knowledge and encourage the children to build on their knowledge to answer the guiding question “in a world of possibilities what would you make?”

The children had the chance to build their own houses in a real forrest using the same materials as the three little pigs. They worked in mini crews to create their structures and afterwards tested them against the blowing strength of the big bad wolf.

After lunch the children went on a trail to find jigsaw pieces which led to a story den. They were able to use a map and their orienteering skills to locate the different areas where the pieces were hidden. By listening to each other they were bale to work smart and together found pieces which made 4 jigsaws all linking to traditional story tales.

The children were a real create to Carcroft school and a pleasure to have on a school visit.

This week within EYFS!

The children have continued to work on case study one of their expedition “Early years engineers, in a world of possibilities what would you make”.
They have focused in on the three little pigs story and the different materials the three pigs used to build and create their houses.
The children worked together to recreate the three pigs houses using the different materials before looking closely at properties and what made each material the pigs used special and unique.

We found in FS2, the material wood was strong and hard but when compared to bricks, bricks were heavy and difficult to move. Hence why the big bad wolf had trouble blowing the third house down. We all agreed bricks were a great building material.

We used different painting techniques to recreate the three houses and noticed if we used everyday objects to paint with we could create beautiful work in new ways.

During crew sessions we pledged to listen more closely to each other while also thinking about the emotions of the crew. This supported us with our expedition story retelling as we used these discussions to support our acting. We used quiet, shaky voices when pretending to be the three pigs and used gruff angry voices when pretending to be the big bad wolf.

We can’t wait to continue this story next week. 😊🐷