Fun in the Forest.

The children have loved exploring the Forest area with Miss Haddock and Miss Ferguson this morning.

They worked in pairs to explore the area and find mini beasts. They took care to pick the insects up with tweezers and put them in a magnifying tub to look more carefully at their features.

We carefully put them back afterwards into their homes so they were safe.

Crew Ferguson Weekly Blog.

This week the children have really tired hard to get smart with their phonics learning. They have been looking closely at segmenting and blending words using magnet boards and using their Fred talk to write initial sounds on their party invitations.

They have then taken this knowledge into their provision learning by painting their new sounds on the playground.

Using our magnetic boards! Working with a partner and being kind.
Using chunky chalk on the playground to write our new sounds.

We have worked hard in crew sessions to learn all about our feelings and how each one is different. We learnt It is ok to feel different ways, its how we act during those different emotions that keep our HOWL scores at 3 and 4.

The children have worked hard this week. Well done crew Ferguson x

EYFS weekly blog. 10.9.21

This week the children have all completed a full week in their new crews. For some children this means their first full week in school ever! We have had a brilliant time. 👍

The children have really worked hard to get smart in FS2. From starting phonics learning, counting cubes, discussions “all about me” for expedition they have definitely earned a weekend rest 😊

The children in F1 have settled in well and have been working on following the classroom routine. They have been looking at “being kind” to each other and their classroom by choosing using and putting away the toys and equipment. The have made their crew adults proud but trying so hard to eat all their dinners and trying new food.

Well done crew EYFS! Have a lovely weekend ❤️