DT Hook – Crew Shields 20/4/22

We started the day by logging the types of food we eat day to day and then deciding whether these were healthy or unhealthy. Some of the children had BIG surprised when they found out some of the foods they thought were healthy were actually unhealthy.

Blind food tasting – the best part of the day for me. The look on their faces as they tried foods such as peppers, pickled oniond and dark chocolate. Great to hear some children say there were foods they’d like to try again like pineapple or kiwi.

Ready, Steady, Bake

Children were given a recipe, ingredients and then had to work together to make 3 ingredient sugar cookies. There were a few mishaps but they managed to make the cookies. There have been some people up this afternoon to vote for their favourite – the winning group will be revealed tomorrow…

Y5 Swimming 🏊‍♀️

Morning all,

Y5 swimming commences this Friday for the next 12 weeks. Y5 children can come to school in their swimming kit ready as this makes it easier when we arrive at the pool – swimming costumes for girls, trunks for boys and a towel. Girls I would also recommend having your hair up or bringing a bobble with you. Please don’t forget to pack your undies for coming home in!

Y5 will be leaving for swimming lessons at 8:45am so if children could be at school promptly this will massively help getting to the session on time, doors will be open for Y5 from 8:35am.

Happy Swimming! 👍

Happy Easter Crew Shields

A huge well done to Crew Shields for this last term. It’s been busy but we’ve crammed lots of learning in and I’m confident this will continue next term. Have a well deserved rest and be safe. Hope you have a wonderful Easter Break.

Crew Shields – 1/4/22

A great day had by all at Tropical World. Some great questions and discussions as we walked around. Lovely to hear the children discussion their learning while observing animals we have discussed during our expedition lessons.

We need your help – Crew Shields

Over the next 2 weeks, the crew will be completing their Final product which has DT focus. They have designed their product and used natural resources to decorate but we need your help…

If you happen to be out and about, especially now the sun has made an appearance. We would really appreciate any of the following items;

Small stones/pebbles


flowers that could potentially be dried




Cut off of any ribbons/wool – bits that would normally be thrown out

Any other natural material that could be used as a decoration on an item approx A5.
The children can bring these in or I’m on the door in the mornings and afternoon.

Thanking you in advance

Crew Shields

Cojo excitement – W/C 14/3/22

We started Tuesday morning off with a Cojo challenge. It’s always lovely to watch the children work together and for their leadership skills starting to emerge. We definitely have children destined for leadership in their future careers. 🤩

Evolution – how have birds changed over time?

During Science, the crew had an opportunity to explore the evolution of birds beak to further understand why plants and animals have to evolve so they can survive. The children wrote a hypothesis about which beak they thought would be better before experimenting with different beak types. They really enjoyed this and most children were able to articulate why birds beaks have had to evolve over time.

Writing – knowledge building

This week, the children have watched some videos regarding deforestation, importance of trees and the impact on animals and plants. To say I was blown away by the crew work that happened during this session would be an understatement. All the crew gathered facts during the video and then consulted with each other to ensure they weren’t being repetitive with their facts. To see the children work so effortlessly as a crew was a pleasure.