Crew Flaherty Weekly Blog 1.10.21

Yet again it has been another busy week.

In writing, we have been finishing our narrative about the raid in Lindisfarne. The children have worked hard to include fronted adverbial, conjunctions and similes 😀. We have been very lucky to share some of our lovely writing with the children in year 4.

In maths, we have been learning how to add 2d and 3d numbers using the column method. We are so proud of the children with the resilience to persevere when they have found this tricky.

Our crew average has improved as the week has gone on. Let’s hope we continue our positive attitude and listening skills next week.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

LKS2 Weekly Review (24.9.21)

It may have been a shorter week at Carcroft, but what a great week it has been, especially in Crew LKS2. We’ve had a fun filled week and wanted to show off a different side to our learning. We’ve been working especially hard on our reading, computing and French skills. See snippets of some beautiful work – Year 4s dragon eyes 🐲🐉.

We have also looked into our Expedition further (Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?) as we link our writing to the Vikings. We’re creating a comic strip to discuss the raid of Lindisfarne, using a variety of art skills that include silhouettes.

Enjoy your weekend, Crew LKS2! 😆

TWITP – LKS2 (17.9.21)

It’s been another fantastic week in Crew LKS2! We have loved building our fluency up in reading this week, as we tackled our book How to be a Viking.

We also had one our favourite ever experience days, where we re-enacted raiding Lindisfarne. This was such an awesome experience after we learned about the variety of reasons the Vikings came to settle in Doncaster. This helped us answer our Guiding Question further, Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?

TWITP – LKS2 (10.9.21)

What an exciting week we have had in LKS2. We have had such a great week and the highlight for Year 3 and 4 was certainly our Viking experience at Murton Park. This hooked us further into our new Expedition, where we will answer the Guiding Question “Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?” We absolutely loved it! Enjoy your weekend LKS2! 😆

Year 3’s Viking Visit Blog

Hit play on the video below to see all the amazing activities our children experienced today at Murton Park.

We can’t wait to build on this exciting hook to help the children get smart and produce beautiful work for our ‘Coming to Doncaster; why then and why now?’ expedition.

Viking Learning in Year 3: A fantastic visit to Murton Park

What an amazing day Year 3 have had on their visit to Murton Park!

The children spent the day fully immersed in the life of a Viking by becoming Vikings themselves! Dressed to impress, the children were invited to join a Viking Village and learnt how to make bread, make pottery, gather fire wood and become warriors to defend the village from Anglo-Saxon attacks. 

The children behaved impeccably and had so much fun. They made us all proud and demonstrated how working hard to get smart doesn’t just happen in the classroom. 

The pictures below will give you a flavour for our day, but look out for the video we will be posting soon with even more pictures and videos!